The Best Place to Buy Mattress Online

best place to buy mattress online

Online mattress shopping offers a selection of quality mattresses at competitive prices, many with free sleep trials and warranties for added peace of mind.

Tuft & Needle, Saatva, and Brooklyn Bedding are among a handful of online-only retailers who provide showrooms in certain cities to allow consumers to try their mattresses prior to making a decision on purchasing one. In addition to free shipping and premium concierge delivery and setup services.


Purchases made online can often be more cost-effective than shopping at traditional physical stores; it is still wise to research and compare mattress prices before committing. Shopping during major sales events such as holidays can often provide discounts and promotions from numerous mattress vendors that could save money when making a decision about when and where to make a purchase.

Price depends on construction and materials of a mattress. While higher-quality mattresses tend to cost more, they usually last longer and provide better support than cheaper options. Plus, quality mattresses feature better foams and fabrics which may help relieve back pain, so investing more may be worth your while.

If you’re shopping online for mattresses, it’s wise to choose a company with an expansive trial period and great warranties – this gives you ample time to try out your bed without fear of returning it, while an extensive guarantee provides additional peace of mind against unexpected issues that might crop up down the line.

Memory foam mattresses are among the most sought-after options available online for purchase, thanks to their pressure-relieving features such as sinkage. Memory foam beds also provide excellent motion isolation – making them suitable for couples sharing a bed.

An innerspring mattress is another kind of mattress you can buy online, though most online mattress brands specialize in all-foam models. Helix specializes in hybrid bed-in-a-box models which combine foam and coils for an affordable option that may offer classic hybrid bounce.

Latex mattresses can be found online that are made from natural or synthetic materials, manufactured through either Talalay or Dunlop processes to give it its desired shape. Latex mattresses tend to last longer than other options due to their durability.

Once you’ve selected a mattress that meets your criteria, allow it at least 24 to 72 hours to decompress completely before sleeping on it. This will reduce initial odor and allow it to expand fully so you can experience a more restful night’s rest.


Shopping online for mattresses can be more convenient than visiting physical stores. Direct-to-consumer mattresses often have lower overhead expenses than brick-and-mortar stores, making production and shipping costs cheaper and many even offering financing solutions for consumers. However, online mattresses may not meet the same quality as in-store ones. To ensure they find a high-quality option, consumers must conduct extensive research on various models and brands prior to making a decision. Some brands, like Brooklyn Bedding, provide mattresses with features designed to improve sleep such as Phase Change Material covers that dissipate heat effectively. Others, like Avocado Mattress Company in Los Angeles, provide sustainable and organic mattresses handcrafted locally.

One drawback of purchasing mattresses online is not being able to test them before purchasing one, however most online mattress retailers provide sleep trials of up to 100 nights so customers can test out if their chosen mattress suits them or not.

Some online mattress brands offer white glove delivery with full set-up for an additional charge, making the experience easier for newcomers who may feel nervous about transporting and setting up their mattress themselves. Furthermore, most mattress retailers allow buyers to return purchases free of charge.

Mattresses made of natural latex can be constructed using either the Talalay or Dunlop process, which will influence both how bouncier it feels and its lifespan. By contrast, traditional innerspring mattresses tend to use synthetic materials which make them more susceptible to wear and tear than their latex counterparts.

Another advantage of shopping for mattresses online is taking as much time as necessary to compare products. While in-store mattress sales often force customers to make quick decisions quickly, online mattress brands give consumers the freedom to compare options at their leisure and compare features and costs side-by-side. Furthermore, some online mattress companies run promotions and discounts all year round; including special offers around holidays like Presidents Day, Memorial Day Labor Day Black Friday Cyber Monday.

Trial periods

Historically, purchasing a mattress meant visiting a physical store. But in recent years, many mattress retailers have shifted sales online, giving customers access to an expansive selection of mattresses without leaving home and at a much lower cost – not only that but many online mattress retailers even provide free shipping and sleep trials!

Ultimately, when selecting a mattress it comes down to how it makes you feel while sleeping. This is difficult to quantify, as this depends on numerous factors including temperature preferences, firmness preferences and sleeping positions. Construction may also play a part in how it feels; types of foam used, amount of filling used and layers can all impact how a mattress feels; spring gauge gauge can influence support given by it too.

Other elements that influence how a mattress feels include materials used, its thickness, and size of bed frame or box spring it’s placed on. Mattresses can be constructed out of natural or synthetic materials; while synthetic ones tend to be cheaper they also are prone to mold growth and other issues.

Many online mattress manufacturers ship their mattresses compressed in boxes, in order to save on shipping and storage costs, as well as provide their mattresses at lower prices than traditional retailers. Compressing mattresses may take from several days up to one week – your company website should usually indicate this timeline.

Most online mattress retailers provide customers with an intuitive website where they can select their size and type before providing contact and payment information. Some websites even have live chat representatives available to answer any queries that arise.

Online retailers that provide an expansive selection of mattresses also provide generous return and warranty policies. Such policies serve as an indicator of trustworthiness between mattress companies, and their buyers; furthermore, such policies ensure buyers that they can test out a mattress over a longer period of time before making their final choice.


Mattress shopping can be a costly venture, but online mattress companies may provide more cost-effective options. Their lower overhead allows them to offer lower prices and often offer longer sleep trial periods than their brick-and-mortar counterparts – giving sleepers ample time to decide if the mattress suits their needs and provides convenient free shipping and return policies as an added benefit.

Construction of a mattress should be one of the primary factors when purchasing a new bed. Foam type, thickness and layering can have an effect on feel and temperature regulation while spring type and gauge (thickness) have an influence over support provided.

Some online mattress manufacturers craft their mattresses by hand in small batches before shipping them directly to customers, helping to keep costs low and avoid warehouse storage fees. Furthermore, since many use compression technologies when shipping mattresses without needing signature confirmation – which reduces delivery expenses significantly – manufacturing processes usually take between one and seven days depending on company and location.

Most online mattress companies provide sleep trials of at least 100 nights to give consumers an accurate reflection of how their mattress performs than would be possible by testing in traditional store locations. Furthermore, the vast majority of mattresses sold through these online retailers are produced in America so that they can be delivered faster to your home than traditional retailers can offer them.

Before purchasing a mattress, it’s essential to carefully evaluate both price and quality before making your selection. Keep an eye out for discounts during special holidays such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday; plus many retailers provide price match guarantees or other promotional offers designed to tempt shoppers into purchasing their product.

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