The Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

best pillow for side sleepers

Side sleepers require a pillow that contours to their heads while supporting their necks and spines, to prevent stiff necks and shoulders when they wake up. If this has become an issue, perhaps its time for an upgrade.

Loft or thickness should also be taken into consideration when considering side sleeping arrangements. You should aim for a medium-high loft that does not sink too low nor raise too high, to maximize comfort while preventing your head from resting too far above.


When selecting the ideal pillow for side sleepers, they need a height and type of support that keeps their spine in good alignment and eliminates pressure points. Too soft pillows won’t provide adequate support while too firm ones could create a painfully rigid feel or force sleepers to sleep with an unnatural posture that causes neck pain or stiffness when they wake up in the morning.

Firmness preferences may differ according to individual, however our experts have observed that medium-firm pillows tend to provide the ideal balance of comfort and support to maintain an ideal sleeping posture while aligning your spine properly.

The Brooklinen Down Pillow is packed with thick feather clusters for above-average support and loftiness that many side sleepers find comforting. It comes with a zippered cover and three inserts to allow sleepers to customize its firmness level and loft, including soft (made of down alternative), medium (gel-infused shredded memory foam mixed with down alternative), and firm (1 and 2-inch solid memory foam slabs). Sleepers can remove fill from soft or medium inserts or add more solid memory foam slabs as necessary to adjust desired firmness level or loft.

Buckwheat hulls are another popular pillow fill for side sleepers, offering a firm yet comfortable feeling that most find satisfying. Additionally, these long-lasting pillows can be easily shaped by shaking or stirring to change their shape; plus they’re hypoallergenic making them the ideal option for sensitive sleepers.

Polyfoam may not be as popular among fill materials, but it can still make an excellent choice for side sleepers looking for an affordable yet durable pillow. Polyfoam features higher density than other forms of memory foam and does not compress excessively under weight to ensure the pillow maintains its loft and offers consistent head and neck support.

Down and down-alternative pillows are another popular choice for side sleepers, providing a luxurious but supportive experience while being highly breathable and not easily losing their loft. Down pillows may also be an ideal solution for sensitive sleepers who may be allergic to synthetic materials or dyes found in traditional synthetic pillows.


Side sleepers require a medium to high loft pillow that elevates their heads without sinking too low, to maintain spinal alignment and avoid neck pain. We advise choosing an adjustable pillow loft level so you can alter it throughout the night to suit your individual needs.

The Coop Original Body Pillow is an ideal choice for side sleepers, as its long and narrow shape fits between knees for proper alignment of spine, hips, and back. Plus, its customizable fill allows you to tailor its firmness according to your own head and neck needs; simply add or remove layers of hypoallergenic down alternative microfiber to customize its level of firmness based on personal preference – plus its soft cotton cover promotes airflow!

Feather pillows are another ideal choice for side sleepers, providing cushioning and moldability while encouraging proper spinal alignment. The Brooklinen down pillow takes the soft comfort you associate with feathers and incorporates it into a design tailored for side sleeping – its inner layers of densely packed feather clusters are offset by outer layers with less dense feathers; furthermore it is sustainably sourced and treated with antimicrobials while its cover material features sleek cotton sateen fabric for ultimate luxury.

Memory foam pillows are often preferred by side sleepers due to its supportive properties and contoured shape which alleviates pressure points. Unfortunately, memory foam may trap heat which could make sleeping hot uncomfortable; in order to minimize heat retention we suggest selecting either a gel-infused or shredded version with reduced surface area and air flow for best results.

Buckwheat shell pillows offer additional cooling and breathability benefits while providing plenty of support, making this Sleepy Planet pillow an excellent choice. Certified as free from harmful chemicals by both GREENGUARD and CertiPUR-US, its organic cotton cover features natural buckwheat fibers mixed with synthetic ones to give a fluffy yet supportive sleeping surface for the head and neck.

Those who sleep on both their side and back should opt for a medium-firm pillow to provide support in both positions, such as the Maxzzz pillow. Its unique design helps support both back and stomach sleepers while keeping head comfort consistent across either position – perfect for homes with limited floor space! Plus its lightweight fill shredded memory foam fill can easily fold and pack away. Plus it features silk for smoothness and longevity!

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