The Best Mattress For Sex – A Sex User Guide

best mattress sex user guide

When shopping for a mattress, several factors should be taken into consideration, one being its performance during sexual activity.

An ideal mattress for sexual activity should have adequate bounce and responsiveness, and should also provide excellent edge support as many sex positions require you to be near the edges of the bed.


Comfort should always come first when selecting a mattress. Sex is all about intimate connection and discomfort can have a detrimental impact on lovemaking experiences. Old mattresses may lack sufficient support, which could result in significant discomfort between partners – this makes a new mattress an investment worthy of consideration for sexual health and well-being.

A responsive mattress provides a bouncier feel, making intimacy easier for users. This feature can often be found in hybrid mattresses that combine memory foam and innerspring coils or naturally springy latex models like Latex models. A mattress should also sleep cool – many prefer keeping their temperatures stable when engaging in sexual intimacy.

Edge control is also key when considering a mattress’s sex-friendliness, indicating how well it holds up when someone rolls toward its edges of bed. A mattress with soft edges that compress easily may restrict certain sexual positions limiting comfort and safety respectively.

Helix Mattress Company prides itself on offering customizable mattresses, which includes numerous options tailored specifically for sex. Customers can take an online quiz to assess their sleeping position and feel preferences before selecting from one of nine firmness options available – lighter women tend to find medium soft mattresses most suitable while heavier individuals typically opt for firmer options that won’t sink too low and put pressure on hips and shoulders.

Other considerations when purchasing a mattress include how it feels when touched, its ease of movement, and how its surface handles body fluids like sweat or body lubricants. A waterproof mattress protector would provide added moisture resistance while still remaining nonslippery for maximum comfort.

Some models, like the Bear Elite Hybrid, combine luxurious plushness and durable support. It uses copper-infused memory foam to keep sleeping surfaces cool while dense base foam offers support during intimate moments. Plus, its hybrid design includes transitional polyfoam with seven firmness zones so that each body part receives enough cushioning.


Couples engaging in sexual activity in bed must consider the level of bounce in a mattress carefully when selecting one for intimate sexual relations. Bounce can assist your partners to move around freely while providing traction for sexual positions. A mattress with high responsiveness squishes quickly under your weight before springing back quickly; in comparison, low responsiveness mattresses feel as though they cling to you, making movement or sleeping harder than necessary.

A mattress’s responsiveness is determined by the materials it utilizes in its construction layers, such as foam or coils. Certain kinds of foam and coils tend to be more responsive than others when tested by pressing down on it with your hand to see how quickly it returns back up again – firmer mattresses tend to have higher responsiveness compared to softer ones; however many mattress types offer varying levels of responsiveness.

Memory foam mattresses tend to have low responsiveness levels, leading to the sensation of sinking into them and restricting your movements in bed. Memory foam may require you to be more cautious with how you move in order for sexual encounters to happen in bed.

Signature Hybrid mattresses, composed of both memory foam and TitanFlex polyfoam, feature high levels of responsiveness that make moving on them much simpler. This is particularly evident in firm (8) models which incorporate more responsive materials than their soft (4) counterparts.

Latex is a natural, highly responsive material sourced either directly from rubber tree sap or synthetically. Both varieties provide a more springy and responsive feeling than memory foam and greater pressure point contouring capability than coils.

Many online mattress brands provide a 365-day sleep trial period, allowing consumers to test the responsiveness of a mattress prior to making a purchase decision. If anything doesn’t meet your needs or preferences, returning it can usually result in either a refund or exchange option being provided by them.


A mattress’s bounce refers to its level of push back when you press down on it, and most couples find that having one with good bounce makes for better sex sessions because it helps establish rhythm quickly. A bouncier surface also allows for greater freedom of movement – this characteristic can often be found with hybrid or latex mattresses.

A mattress with a bouncy feel can add excitement to sexual intimacy between partners, but overall comfort must not be overlooked. Too-soft mattresses may leave users feeling like they’re sinking into them and become inconvenient during sex; therefore, medium-to-firm firmness levels tend to work best.

If you want a mattress with more bounce, opt for memory foam with higher density. This will create more of a responsive bed surface. Hybrid mattresses that combine layers of memory foam and spring coils may also offer a suitable bouncy mattress experience; though typically more costly, hybrid options tend to offer maximum responsiveness and sensuality.

Keep in mind that bouncy mattresses tend to produce more noise than other kinds, which may become an issue if living with others or living in a small apartment. If noise concerns are an issue for you, hybrid or latex models might be better options.

When purchasing a mattress, reading reviews is always helpful in understanding what others have experienced. However, keep in mind that certain issues that are beyond any company’s control can lead to one-star reviews: these may include issues like sagging, loss of firmness over time, cooling features that don’t work or poor durability. By keeping these factors in mind when making an informed decision about which mattress best meets your needs and those of your partner(s).


Mattress shopping requires many considerations. With so much marketing talk and terminology out there, it can become daunting and confusing if not you know which options best meet your needs. By knowing a few key factors beforehand, however, the search can become easier and faster.

Mattress bounce can have an immense effect on how we experience sexual intimacy. Most people prefer bouncier mattresses for enhanced sexual intimacy sessions; however, certain individuals may be sensitive to too much bouncing; it is therefore crucial that we find a balance of responsiveness and bounce to find our ideal rhythm both comforting and stimulating.

If you prefer responsive mattresses, the Nolah Natural may be just what you need. With its latex layer providing a luxuriously comfortable sleep experience and edge control enabling multiple sex positions. Furthermore, the mattress’ motion isolation features can prevent partner movements from disturbing your sleep – this feature being particularly handy if couples tend to toss and turn during sexual encounters.

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