The Average Mattress Price

average mattress price

There are various factors that influence the average mattress price, such as size (twin xl, California king) and construction materials used. You should also factor in any related accessories like foundations and boxes when making this determination.

Mattress prices depend heavily upon the materials and features included with them, company policies and warranties offered.


At the high-end of the mattress spectrum are beds made from high-grade materials such as memory foam or hybrid models made with more exotic materials such as natural Dunlop latex or even GOTS or GOLS certified organic cotton. They usually last 10+ years with many major brands providing premium mattresses at this price range; expect to pay more for extra features that may enhance performance or help address sleep issues.

Mattress sizes also impact pricing, with smaller beds like Twin XL typically costing roughly half as much as King-sized models. Furthermore, accessories like foundations or box springs may increase overall costs; similarly specialty mattress dimensions like California Kings may be harder to accessile therefore more costly than their more typical equivalents.

One way to reduce the costs associated with purchasing a bed is through comparison shopping, taking advantage of discounts and coupons offered by many different companies. Another effective strategy for saving is waiting until sales occur throughout the year – these opportunities could save significant sums of money on mattresses! Some of the best mattress deals can be found during national holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day as well as during late winter/early spring months when companies acquire new models and mark down older ones to make room. An investment in your health should include purchasing the best mattress possible; spending a bit more may prove worthwhile for maximum performance and durability over a more budget-minded option. Some retailers allow you to return mattresses within a certain period and receive a full refund, giving you the opportunity to test out a new bed risk-free. Many mattress manufacturers also include warranties with their mattresses to help protect your investment and guarantee you receive maximum value for money. A typical mattress warranty typically lasts at least two to three years depending on brand.


Mattresses in this price bracket tend to use higher-grade materials and offer superior durability compared to those in the budget range. Most come with all-foam or hybrid configurations and may offer medically supported sleep solutions for common health issues; furthermore, these mattresses tend to be more comfortable than their budget-range counterparts, making them suitable for couples or people sharing sleeping arrangements with animals.

Mid-range mattress prices can differ greatly depending on brand, construction material and size. Latex tends to be significantly more costly than synthetic foams. Thicker layers of foam also impact overall cost as do type and thickness of coils in an innerspring mattress.

An additional factor influencing mattress prices is their availability in different sizes. Twin, twin XL, full and queen mattresses tend to cost less than their king and California king counterparts as manufacturers must charge extra for materials and shipping when producing larger beds.

Mattress buyers should carefully consider how long they want their new bed to last before making a purchase decision. Lower quality, cheaper mattresses tend to deteriorate more rapidly and should be replaced more frequently; on the contrary, a high-quality mid-range mattress could potentially last eight years and save money over time.

The price of mattresses depends heavily on how they’re sold; traditional brick-and-mortar retailers may add markups that increase costs; online stores typically don’t – offering greater savings to buyers who compare reviews and prices before making their final choice. It is always advisable for potential purchasers to conduct sufficient research before making a final decision on any mattress product or retailer.

Some online retailers also provide mattress warranties and return policies, which may help you save even more. Be sure to read all details of these policies thoroughly as there may be fees and expenses associated with returning a mattress. If it’s within your budget, purchasing an extended warranty would help safeguard against defects or other issues with the mattress in case there is something amiss with it.


Finding an affordable mattress can be daunting, so many mattress retailers offer discounts around major holidays such as Presidents Day, Easter, July Fourth, Thanksgiving, and Christmas that could save hundreds of dollars – or check local clearance sales to find great bargains!

No matter your price point, it’s essential to carefully consider how the mattress will perform for you. A budget mattress typically comprises inferior materials and won’t last as long. But don’t assume you can’t enjoy an enjoyable sleeping experience on less.

Construction and type are key determinants of mattress prices, with hybrid and latex mattresses often commanding higher prices than all-foam models. Furthermore, beds constructed using higher quality materials tend to carry higher price tags due to incorporating features like cooling or zoned foam to improve performance and increase comfort levels.

Size also plays a factor when purchasing a mattress; larger mattresses require more material to ensure an ideal sleeping surface, thus leading to higher costs than their Twin counterparts. California King mattresses may cost more than their Twin counterparts.

If you are purchasing your mattress online, it’s essential that you consider delivery and setup costs. Some mattress companies provide free White Glove delivery which includes in-home setup and removal of your old mattress; other companies charge fees of approximately $100 or more for this service.

To determine your ideal mattress spend, it’s best to do research on various models and compare their construction, materials, features and sleeping position requirements. When making this decision, keep in mind your preferences: back sleepers tend to prefer firmer mattresses while side and stomach sleepers typically require something softer for comfort – by taking this approach you’re likely to find an appropriate choice that meets all your unique needs and preferences.


Mattress prices can vary widely, but you may be able to find some discounts that help lower their overall cost. Look out for sales on holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, Black Friday or Presidents’ Day when there may be deals on top-rated mattresses available at deeply discounted prices.

Size can have an impactful effect on the cost of your mattress purchase; twin and twin XL mattresses tend to be the least expensive, while queen and king sizes often require more materials and special pricing on specialty styles like California king or sleigh beds may exist. Finally, haggling may help secure you a better price on a mattress purchase; according to one survey from Consumer Reports, most shoppers who tried haggling saved at least $245 during their transaction!

Another way to lower the average mattress price is through shopping online. Many mattress retailers provide websites where customers can compare various mattresses from several companies without needing to visit physical stores – this can save hundreds in markup charges from brick-and-mortar stores that often add markups of up to 30% on mattresses sold there.

Online mattress shopping allows you to easily locate deals and coupons for specific brands of mattresses. This can be especially helpful if you’re in search of more expensive luxury models such as Casper mattresses; use coupons found directly from their manufacturer website in-store to take advantage of great savings opportunities!

Clearance sales can also be an ideal time to purchase mattresses, since stores that are closing down often need to offload inventory quickly – leading to steep discounts on mattresses that have sat idle on store shelves for months.

Additionally, look for mattress discount stores which sell the same mattresses at significantly reduced prices compared to big name retailers. Such stores don’t face as many overhead expenses like paying advertising costs and renting costly showrooms as well as having commission-earning employees, meaning they can pass along those savings directly to consumers like yourself.

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