How to Select a Good Mattress For Sex

How to Select a Good Mattress For Sex
How to Select a Good Mattress For Sex

How to Select a Good Mattress For Sex

An uncomfortable mattress can ruin your sex life, decreasing desire and leading to pain during intimacy.

A good sex mattress should feel plush and provide enough bounce, while being breathable enough to wick away heat generated during vigorous activity. Furthermore, it should offer excellent pressure relief so as to reduce any subsequent aches or pains afterward.

Zoned Layers

Brooklyn Bedding’s Zoned mattress combines materials to offer customized support for all sleepers. Starting with two thick layers of quilted polyfoam and TitanFlex memory foam that conform to your body, alleviating pressure buildup. Next are multi-gauge pocketed coils which respond to movement but also push back for support, followed by enhanced lumbar zones to keep spine alignment while sleeping.

The next layer is a poly foam foundation, which offers stability while giving a comfortable sleep surface. On top of this are three zones of 8″ Quantum Edge pocketed coils: nearer the head and feet are firmer to provide more bounce; middle and end zones have softer coils to support shoulders and hips better while sleeping on your stomach – this ensures spine alignment all night long!

The mattress features a breathable cover constructed of polyester, rayon, viscose and poly-lycra blend materials; copper infusion helps keep the bed cool; reinforced edges help prevent roll-off for maximum use of sleep surface; 100 night trial period and 15 year warranty complete the package.


For your sex experience to be pleasurable and fulfilling, your mattress must support all your weight evenly and rebound quickly after compression, while supporting sexual positions such as lying at the edge of bed.

Mattresses that are too soft will cause you to sink too far into them, creating an uncomfortable sleeping surface and not suitable for sexual climax. A mattress that flexes with you as you move can help you feel more in control, but one with too slow a response time could force you into fighting with rather than with the surface.

An uncomfortable mattress can ruin the mood during sexual encounters and can announce your movements to children or neighbors in shared homes, making intimacy hard to come by. Therefore, for your most intimate moments you will require something quiet and discreet.

Latex mattresses tend to be very responsive and offer plenty of bounce, without making any sound when moving across them. Furthermore, latex-based mattresses tend to be silent when moved upon. Memory foam or gel mattresses may take slightly longer to respond but still offer ample traction; plus they’re much more durable than their innerspring counterparts.

Motion Isolation

Sex is both fun and thrilling; a fantastic way to create bonds between partners and to feel alive! Regular sex can help alleviate stress and depression, reduce blood pressure and boost self-esteem and happiness – so selecting a mattress suitable for making love is crucial.

The ideal mattresses for sex feature an even weight distribution and are not too soft, ideally without creating uncomfortable pressure points or restricting movement. Helix medium-firm mattresses provide the ideal blend between firm support and even weight distribution while not restricting movement too much.

Mattresses with high bounce factors make it easier for lovers to thrust, jump, and shift positions while engaging in sexual activity. Many also believe that bouncier mattresses tend to make for more enjoyable sex sessions.

Foam mattresses may not be ideal for sexual activity as they often sink and slump with little bounce, leading to hot and sweaty bodies. By contrast, latex foam and hybrid mattresses have superior bounce and breathability as well as are better at isolating motion for unobstructed position changes without disturbing one another’s rest.


Most people prioritize comfort when selecting their mattress, while for those with active sex lives the type of mattress you choose can affect how well it supports both partners during sexual activity. A great mattress for sexual activity must provide ample support while remaining comfortable to both partners involved.

A great mattress for sexual activity should offer firm support and pressure relief while accommodating the dynamic forces generated during lovemaking, without compressing or awakening you. A hybrid coil mattress may be an ideal choice since its layer of memory foam offers great comfort while its pocketed coils create an exciting bouncing platform to spice up sexual activities.

Additionally, it’s essential that your mattress provides excellent edge control as many sex positions involve lying close to the edges of the bed. A mattress with poor edge support may not accommodate these positions or make movement uncomfortable; similarly a resilient mattress with faster spring back capabilities might be more suited to accommodating these positions in terms of speed of return to shape – something particularly helpful if your roommates or neighbors may hear your movements throughout the night.

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