How to Choose the Best Air Mattress

best air mattress

This air mattress was specifically created for camping, featuring durable construction that is puncture-proof as well as being lightweight enough for travel or guest sleepovers at home.

Hardware stores, Lowe’s, and sporting goods stores all stock air mattresses; you can also locate them online. But where should you start looking?

Easy to Inflate

An air mattress is an excellent choice for overnight guests, and should be easy to inflate for optimal restful slumber. Since these inflated mattresses can become bulky when filled up, consider selecting one with compact foldability that folds into an easily transportable storage bag – consider also its weight and how well it fits into a duffel bag when traveling with guests.

To inflate an air mattress, there are two methods for doing it: using either the built-in pump or external pumps. While using an internal pump will save money over time, keeping an eye on the power cord to make sure that it doesn’t become disconnected from its valve could cost more and take more effort from you than other options. You could also opt for using an electric hair dryer; but this method requires more time and energy from you.

If choosing an air mattress as the alternative, be sure that it features separate inflation and deflation valves to help regulate how quickly or slowly the mattress fills or deflates. Also ensure it can be plugged into an electrical outlet in your sleeping area and has an extended warranty.

Some air mattresses feature an inbuilt remote which allows you to remotely adjust firmness levels and shut off the pump automatically once desired levels have been met. This is an especially handy feature when camping; no longer will you have to get up in the middle of the night to make adjustments!

Keep in mind that air mattresses tend to lose some air as you inflate them, necessitating periodic replacement. But with proper care and not overinflation, they should last several years of use if stored away from direct sunlight and heat – plastic storage bags or bins could damage vinyl which would significantly shorten its life.

Easy to Store

Care for and store your air mattress correctly to extend its lifespan, but overuse and incorrect storage could result in punctured seams and overall structural weakness. You should always take proper precautions when using an air mattress such as using a sleeping bag to cover it as well as remove sharp objects from the area; inspect sleep surfaces for debris such as sticks that might damage it; then empty and clean after each use.

The best air mattresses are lightweight, compact and easily transportable – essential features for those using their air bed for camping or road trips. Their size makes them easily fit into a bag while built-in pumps or external ones may be tucked away into hidden storage ports; those looking for mobility may prefer one equipped with battery-powered hand pumps which allow inflation/deflation anytime and anywhere.

Some of the highest-quality air mattresses are constructed using waterproof PVC fabric that’s both durable and easy to care for, providing long-term use without depreciating quickly over time. Furthermore, most recyclers do not accept post- #3 plastics due to being too difficult to process.

Your options for an air mattress include hardware stores, sporting goods stores and some large retail chains; online retailers also provide many choices; when purchasing in store you can ask a knowledgeable salesperson for advice.

When shopping for an air mattress, keep the size you require and number of sleepers in mind when making your decision. Inflated air mattresses usually come in twin, queen, king and California king sizes. Larger California king and XL twin options may also exist. It’s important to choose an air mattress which can quickly inflate and deflate, taking no more than seven minutes on average to fully inflate and deflate itself completely.


Air mattresses often receive an unfavorable reputation as being cheap and uncomfortable; however, the best ones are designed to provide cozy comfort while still remaining durable and long-term use. If you intend on purchasing one long term or often, make sure it comes with warranty protection or offers outstanding customer service – otherwise consider investing in something high quality with warranty coverage or dedicated customer support services.

Durable features to consider when searching for the ideal air mattress include heavy-duty materials and reinforced seams, waterproof coating, flocked surface that helps sheets remain in place and large weight capacity. In addition, look out for products with built-in air pumps which quickly fill and deflate their bed for quick setup times.

If you own pets, selecting an air mattress that is puncture-resistant could save visitors from being disturbed by playful claws and curious nibbles at bedtime. Furthermore, select one made with non-toxic materials so both guests and animals are safe when sleeping on it.

The best air mattresses can be easily packed away into a portable duffel bag or shoulder bag for convenient travel or unexpected guests, sleepovers and camping trips. Inflation takes just minutes while fitting it back into its carry bag when not being used is simple too – including deflating and packing back up when necessary.

This lightweight air mattress is an excellent solution for those searching for something durable yet lightweight. Featuring its own built-in pillow and made with PVC material for strength, it has a unique coil design for added comfort as well as soft flocked surface – all backed up by manufacturer lifetime warranty coverage! Even though heavier than some models, this mattress still weighs significantly less than most traditional beds making it the perfect companion on any journey.


Quality air mattresses can make or break your sleeping experience. Even as temporary alternatives, they should provide supportive comfort with softness and strength over time – without leaving you floundering in a half-deflated pool of vinyl. When shopping around for an air mattress you want the experience of sleeping soundly to match its temporary nature. The top air mattresses offer all three qualities; find one you feel good on for lasting results.

When searching for an air mattress, it is essential to carefully consider both its size and height requirements. For instance, if you intend on using it as an extra bed for guests, make sure that their legs can easily access it; alternatively if older guests may require additional support, opt for something that stands at least 18 inches high.

Other qualities that can increase comfort include having an internal or external pump and battery vs. electrical power (an electric model will inflate faster and can easily be moved from room to room). A manual option requires longer to inflate; by contrast, electric models inflate quickly while being deflated and moved around more conveniently than manual options.

This beautyrest air mattress surprised us in our testing as it proved surprisingly comfortable without feeling like sleeping on plastic bag. Furthermore, its many options – such as its built-in remote allowing users to select seven firmness settings (from soft plush to extra firm) and an integrated frame that extends when activating its pump – made setup effortless.

The Intex Comfort Dura-Beam mattress is another great option, available in twin, full, and queen sizes and three height options (16 inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches). It includes an internal pump, soft flocked top that secures sheets tightly in place, horizontal air channels to create a tufted appearance, as well as horizontal channels creating a tufted appearance. As our tallest mattress on our list it makes getting on/off easier for elderly guests.

With one easy push of a button, this inflatable dome inflates quickly and easily before automatically shutting off when fully inflated. Plus, its convenient carry bag makes for convenient storage – lightweight yet compact design ensures easy portability!

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