Choosing the Best Mattress for Pregnant Women

best mattress for pregnant women

Pregnancy can be both joyful and discomforting; by selecting the right mattress for pregnant women, they can find relief from any physical pain while sleeping soundly during this important stage of their lives. Selecting a supportive mattress will allow for restful night-time resting.

Memory foam and latex mattresses adapt to the shape of your body, relieving pressure points like hips and shoulders while offering temperature regulation and motion isolation to keep you comfortable while sleeping soundly. Furthermore, they feature temperature regulation as well as motion isolation features to avoid disturbances during restful nights of restful rest.

Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress was founded in the United States and quickly rose to popularity after viral videos featured Goldilocks finding her ideal mattress. Purple uses their innovative GelFlex material in all their mattresses for both firm and soft support; its responsive foam adjusts to your body weight to cushion pressure points while supporting spinal health. Their mattresses can be purchased online with free shipping and returns.

This mattress boasts an innovative design with a honeycomb hyper-elastic gel layer atop of a 3.5-inch transition layer and 4-inch poly foam support layers, with the cover made from knit blended fabric that is soft yet breathable and light; so as to not interfere with Purple grid’s job.

This mattress is an ideal option for back and side sleepers; however, stomach sleepers may prefer something else. Furthermore, its cooling technology helps cool your body as you rest comfortably against it; and its motion transfer control features are great if sharing the bed with someone.

The Amerisleep AS3 mattress earned high praise from Wirecutter staffers for its comfort, pain relief, and spinal alignment features. CertiPUR-US certification ensures it’s free from heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, VOCs and VOCs; additionally it comes with a 20-year warranty and 100-night trial period coverage; it can also be found online through retailers such as Mattress Firm or Raymour & Flanigan or Macy’s among others.


The TEMPUR-Ergo adjustable power base is a high-end adjustable mattress designed to offer optimal sleep comfort, with multiple advanced technologies like Quiet Mode that helps eliminate snoring for both you and your partner, zero gravity preset that relieves spine pressure while you sleep, child lock system and two zone massage with three intensity levels for added safety and support. Perfect choice for pregnant women seeking luxurious support while sleeping soundly during their pregnancy!

This base is constructed with high-grade materials such as polymer and memory foam for ultimate softness and motion isolation. Lightweight yet sturdy, its construction can fit with virtually all mattress types; you’ll enjoy easy adjustment using its remote. Plus, its built-in fan will ensure a cool environment!

Designed to complement a Tempur-Luxe Adapt Soft mattress, the TEMPUR-Ergo Extend Power Base comes equipped with several advanced technologies for an enjoyable sleeping experience. These technologies include Quiet Mode which gently tilts your mattress towards an anti-snoring position and PerfectSeat which optimizes mattress shape to provide ergonomic support during sleep. Furthermore, its head lift range of 57 degrees and foot rise of 46 degrees make this an excellent base for reading, watching television or working.

This adjustable power base from Tempur-Pedic is an impressive feat of technology with unparalleled functionality. Boasting multiple reclining positions and an innovative design that adapts to changing body needs through pregnancy and beyond, as well as convenient features like USB ports and underbed lighting, this adjustable base offers unparalleled functionality.

Amerisleep AS3

Are You Searching For an Affordable Mattress? Consider Amerisleep AS3. This 3-layer memory foam bed boasts a Refresh cover made with Bio-Pur, a plant-based material which helps regulate body heat during sleep by its open cell structure, preventing overheating at night. Amerisleep’s AS3 also boasts a Bio-Pur comfort layer which contours to your body for optimal pressure relief; an Affinity with HIVE transition layer adds zoned support along lumbar region; finally a high density bio-core base layer provides stability and increases durability of this quality memory foam bed.

Pregnancy pillows can help support your back and improve neck comfort, but mattress toppers may offer even greater support and pressure relief than pregnancy pillows alone. With memory foam, latex or poly-foam options for fill type, these accessories provide added cushioning for your head that reduces pressure points to minimize morning discomfort. They come with various fill types like memory foam, latex or poly-foam fill types to provide optimal support and pressure relief compared to fibrous materials that could result in sore necks while sleeping.

Hybrid mattresses offer pregnant women the best of both worlds: softness and bounce of all-foam mattresses with additional support provided by coils. For example, Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid features both soft and firm sides to meet changing sleep preferences during gestation, as well as pocketed coils to promote proper spinal alignment while its hybrid construction prevents sinkage too far into bed.

Hybrid mattresses can help couples who share the same mattress reduce motion transfer between partners, which is often an issue when sharing bed. This feature can reduce how long you are kept awake due to their partner’s movements.

Serta Arctic

Serta Mattress Company is one of America’s oldest and largest mattress brands, as well as one of only a select few manufacturers producing their own mattresses rather than simply marketing and reselling other manufacturers’ beds. Serta’s long experience and size allows it to push innovation in product design while offering consumers high-quality mattresses at market.

The Serta Arctic mattress is a hybrid that was specifically designed to keep you cool and comfy throughout the night. Packed with cooling gel that absorbs and pulls away heat from your body, as well as having a three-layer Reactex system which offers 15 times better cooling power than most standard mattresses, the Arctic provides ultimate night-long cooling comfort.

Serta Arctic mattresses come in various sizes and prices, featuring two layers of custom fit HD memory foam which conform to your body’s pressure points for a restful night’s rest. Furthermore, each model comes equipped with a 7″ Serta Foam Core which offers support and stability – this system can be found both with memory foam models as well as hybrid models.

All models include phase change material that absorbs heat and releases it back into the mattress for all-night cooling, along with an advanced innerspring support system that cradles your body for edge-to-edge support.

The Serta Arctic mattress is an excellent option for side sleepers looking for maximum hip and shoulder support, as it provides ample lumbar cushioning. Unfortunately, stomach sleepers should avoid it since their hips may sink too deeply into its comfort layers and be compressed out of alignment; lightweight people should have no such issue, while those weighing over 130 lbs may require a firmer mattress instead.

Birch Luxe

This eco-friendly mattress-in-a-box uses natural materials such as organic cotton and wool, featuring individually wrapped coils with comfort layers made of chemical-free latex foam for ultimate comfort. Furthermore, there’s a quilted euro top and cashmere batting, along with its breathable materials helping regulate temperature regulation while its medium firmness provides optimal sleeping comfort – making this an excellent option for pregnant women looking for natural and organic mattresses to sleep on!

Pregnancy can cause backache and other discomforts for mothers-to-be, making the Birch Luxe mattress an essential choice. Its pocketed coil support core offers extra lumbar support while its reinforced lumbar area helps align the spine properly – plus this mattress boasts full edge support!

Its bouncy surface offers soothing pressure relief without the slow-responding memory foam feeling that can make moving around difficult. Natural latex makes this mattress very responsive while evenly dispersing weight across its surface.

The mattress does not perform as well in terms of motion transfer compared to some hybrid models, but should still make an ideal choice for couples sharing a bed. Its coils promote airflow while its aerated latex and wool help regulate temperatures.

Birch Luxe comes equipped with a 100-night sleep trial period and 25-year limited warranty, and includes free White Glove delivery – this means a team will bring and remove it for you – making this mattress especially helpful for pregnant women who may find themselves too fatigued to carry their own mattress out. This service can also make packing your crib much simpler during delivery!

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