Best Mattress Toppers

best mattress toppers

Dependent upon your weight and sleeping style, a memory foam topper may offer extra support to your hips and shoulders. In such a situation, this option might be ideal.

Our testers loved Tempur-Pedic’s option, made of similar material as its mattresses but featuring elastic straps to secure its position at night as you change positions.

1. Saatva Mattress Topper

The Saatva Mattress Topper is an excellent way to soften a new mattress or extend its life, providing a medium feel that’s suitable for all sleeping positions and cushioning pressure points in those suffering from back or hip pain. Plus, with several firmness levels available to choose from this topper is sure to find their optimal level of comfort!

The topper features an organic cotton cover with natural breathability properties to help regulate body heat retention, an essential feature for those who tend to get hot while sleeping as memory foam toppers may trap body heat and cause overheating.

This mattress topper boasts ventilation holes to further regulate temperature and promote restful nights’ rest. Available in three densities and sizes (queen-size), this topper may help find you find your ideal mattress topper match.

Saatva mattress toppers are made in America and come with a five-year warranty, as well as being CertiPUR-US certified1. Additionally, this mattress topper features a removable machine washable cover that’s hypoallergenic and easy to keep clean – the only drawback being their price (just over $300 for queen-size). However, they offer discounts to military veterans, teachers, nurses, first responders, government employees, students as well as year-round sales promotions.

2. Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam Topper

Sleep Innovations’ mattress topper features two inches of gel cooling memory foam topped by two inches of plush fiberfill to provide a soft surface that’s both breathable and comfortable – whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach! Plush fiberfill helps keep your spine properly aligned throughout the night! This topper also makes a great addition for anyone seeking extra support for spinal alignment while sleeping!

As this topper is thinner than many in this review, it might not provide enough padding for some sleepers. Heavier sleepers or those looking for added support should consider opting for one with three to four inches of thickness instead.

One of the impressive features of this topper is that it was manufactured right here in America, which many consumers appreciate because purchasing American-made goods helps support local economies while adhering to stricter safety standards.

This topper features a 10-year limited warranty and comes equipped with a removable, machine-washable cover for spot cleaning or machine-washing. Dryers or washers should be avoided as this could damage memory foam and cause it to deflate over time. However, keep in mind that it does not offer as much heat regulation compared to latex or wool options in our review; those who tend to sleep hot might find better options elsewhere in this review.

3. Saatva Natural Latex Topper

The Saatva Mattress Topper comes in three variations, depending on its fill material: graphite, memory foam or latex. All three varieties feature organic cotton covers with elastic bands at each corner to keep it secure on your bed, preventing it from moving around during sleep.

The Graphite option utilizes cooling graphite-infused memory foam to prevent overheating, offering relief to hot sleepers who often struggle with traditional memory foam mattresses. Professional reviewers report improved restful nights for these hot sleepers with its organic cotton cover which encourages airflow.

Latex toppers provide a springier feeling. Crafted with Talalay latex harvested sustainably from rubber trees, this topper provides plenty of support and pressure point relief while remaining breathable with an average firmness level suitable for both side and back sleepers.

All three mattress toppers available from Saatva come with an uncommitted 180-night sleep trial period and free returns, so that you can give each option a test before making a permanent decision. With more affordable alternatives like full mattress purchases available to choose from, Saatva makes mattress topper purchases an attractive way to rejuvenate the feel of your bed!

4. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Topper with Bamboo Cover

Memory foam topper offers soft, plush comfort that complements an existing mattress, perfect for upgrading it with soft plushness. The three-inch model offers significant body support by alleviating pressure points to improve sleep posture. Furthermore, this topper dissipates heat easily – perfect for hot sleepers due to the AirFoam core being made up of breathable material allowing proper circulation which prevents build up of body heat on sleep surface while its moisture wicking organic cotton cover further aids cooling.

The top layer of this mattress topper measures two inches thick and quilted with luxurious fiber fill, neatly divided into boxed sections. At its core lies two inches of soft medium-density memory foam which conforms to your body while cushioning pressure points.

Proprietary TEMPUR memory foam is known for its durability, making this mattress topper more likely to stand the test of time than typical toppers. With medium firmness (5) firmness levels suitable for most side and back sleepers up to 230 pounds as well as those sleeping on slightly worn mattresses, this topper should last a long time.

This Eco-friendly mattress topper features an infusion of eucalyptus to promote airflow while acting as an antimicrobial and antifungal. Additionally, its soft yet stylish cover consists of 66% polyester, 30% viscose, and 4% poly/lycra. Available from twin to queen size and CertiPUR-US certified for quality assurance; company provides 100 night sleep trial period and free shipping within contiguous United States as well as one year warranty coverage.

5. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Topper with Plush Fiber Fill

No matter if you suffer from back pain, or just want to soften up your sleep setup, a mattress topper is an essential asset. Memory foam makes an excellent choice, contouring to your body while relieving pressure points and helping reduce motion transfer from partner movements. Furthermore, its antimicrobial properties help minimize motion transfer when sleeping on it – yet remembering to select models made from materials like gel or latex can keep the heat at bay!

This topper features two layers of medium density memory foam that conform to your body and alleviate pressure points, followed by an additional 2-inch layer of plush fiber fill in boxed sections to mimic the feel of a pillow. Each of these two layers are attached directly to the base memory foam layer so they won’t move around while you sleep; finally, its cover features breathable cotton blend material with thick elastic bands to secure it to your mattress so that it stays put all night.

This mattress topper comes in five sizes, including twin, full, queen, king and California king. It offers a 365-night trial period and 1-year warranty; while there may be a 48-hour off-gassing period required before use it’s relatively straightforward to set up and can even be spot cleaned rather than machine washed for easy care – an excellent budget solution!

6. Nolah Mattress Topper

Nolah Mattress Topper provides many of the same comfort and cooling features found in their mattresses, while offering plush construction that conforms to sleepers’ curves and redistributes body weight, relieving pressure points while preventing spinal misalignment. In addition, its heat dissipation capacity is 20 percent faster than standard memory foam while maintaining breathability; its organic cotton cover promotes airflow to minimize night sweats.

Nolah topper boasts CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that is temperature neutral, helping sleepers remain cool throughout the night. The organic cotton cover and high resilience polyurethane foam help reduce heat buildup that often plagues all-foam toppers; plus this Nolah model comes backed with a 10-year warranty and ships free.

Nolah mattress toppers offer shoppers who wish to extend the lifespan of their existing mattresses an excellent way to do just that, with deep elastic pockets to secure it to the bed and prevent it from shifting as sleepers move throughout the night. Furthermore, its removable, machine-washable cover makes for convenient maintenance and cleaning needs.

Side sleepers should opt for the Nolah plush model to provide ample cushioning on their shoulders and hips, while back sleepers will appreciate its regular version for supporting their neck and spine. Stomach sleepers may not appreciate it due to its soft nature which may not provide them with enough support in keeping their hips in proper alignment.

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