Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers

Overheating during sleep is a frequent concern for hot sleepers in summertime. Finding a mattress that will keep you cool could make all the difference in achieving restful slumber.

Opt for mattresses featuring breathable fabrics on their covers and cooling layers inside, such as phase change materials that draw heat away from your body.

1. TEMPUR-Cloud

This mattress boasts plenty of memory foam for maximum cushioning and pressure relief, while high-density poly foam helps provide weight support and limit sinkage at the edges of the bed. Ideal for light back and side sleepers seeking maximum cushioning and comfort.

TEMPUR-Cloud memory foam mattresses are built to outlive ordinary memory foam beds for at least 10 years – an intelligent investment! Additionally, tests show they perform exceptionally well in terms of durability, motion isolation and support level; available sizes include Twin Full Queen King California king.

The Tempur-Cloud mattress is an excellent choice for hot sleepers as it does a fantastic job of cooling. Utilizing special fabric that wicks away heat and moisture while an innovative design minimizes heat retention, this mattress guarantees cool and comfortable nights’ rest.

Consider choosing this bed because of its strong reputation for supporting the spine. A poor mattress can cause back pain; with the TEMPUR-Cloud’s design aimed at keeping your spine straight and healthy.

As with any memory foam mattress, the Tempur-Cloud does have some drawbacks. Most significantly, its design traps heat and can feel uncomfortably warm for some people; however, its cover features polyester blend fabric meant to wick away heat and moisture away. Furthermore, there’s also a layer of graphite gel in its top foam comfort layer to further promote airflow and cooling properties.

The Tempur-Cloud mattress-in-a-box model may require more assembly than you are used to and may take longer than other models to fully expand after unrolling, which makes it important to leave it sitting for several hours in an airy space in order for its foam layers to finish off-gassing and ensure safe sleeping conditions for both partners.

2. GhostBed Luxe

For memory foam fans who are concerned with heat retention, the GhostBed Luxe mattress may be the ideal solution. Featuring thick layers of phase-change fabric and gel foams to reduce heat transfer and maintain cool sleeping temperatures, the GhostBed Luxe prevents overheating by keeping its mattress cooler than other options available on the market.

Cover material contains cooling fibers to draw heat away from the body. A 7.5″ high-density support layer adds durability and prevents sinkage or sagging over time.

This mattress is medium-firm, so it suits back sleepers and side sleepers who require close body contouring, but prefer a firmer feel than traditional memory foam mattresses. Its memory foam layers cradle pressure points to align spine alignment while some users report back pain relief.

Heavyweight back sleepers should find comfort with the GhostBed Luxe mattress’s combination of spinal support and pressure relief, making this bed suitable for their sleeping habits. But lightweight side sleepers may find other mattresses provide better contouring or pressure relief; plus it might not offer enough contouring or contour relief. Furthermore, stomach sleepers require firmer surfaces that align both their hips and spine – thus rendering this bed insufficient support for them.

GhostBed mattresses stand out from other purely foam options with its sturdy steel frame integrated into its mattress design, making it easier for movement and cleaning purposes. Couples sharing small spaces may find this choice suitable as it reduces chances of one partner rolling off of its edge while sleeping on it.

GhostBed Luxe mattresses feature a 101-night sleep trial to give you ample time to try the bed before making a decision – shorter than other companies but still plenty of time to find out if it fits. At the end of your trial period, GhostBed will either donate your mattress or provide you with a full refund; they also come with a 25-year limited warranty covering any physical flaws in materials of the mattress.

3. Serta iComfort

Serta Mattress Company is one of America’s oldest and largest mattress brands, selling millions of beds annually. As it designs and produces its own beds, Serta differs from many other mattress sellers by maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction despite having to compete against hundreds of other mattress producers.

The iComfort line features memory foam mattresses with medium to firm firmness levels, offering support, cushioning and body contouring for an exceptional sleep experience. In addition, these mattresses come equipped with cooling technology which keeps sleepers cool throughout the night.

Sleeping on a cool mattress is especially important for hot sleepers as hot mattresses can lead to uncomfortable pressure points that cause backache over time. Furthermore, sleeping on such an mattress will enable their muscles to relax and decompress more freely.

Serta’s iComfort CF4000 mattress is an ideal choice for hot sleepers as its Max Cold cover fibers help keep the bed cool, carbon fiber memory foam layers and EverCool Fuze gel foam layers provide exceptional strength and breathability to keep the sleeper cool. Plus, an additional layer of air support foam cushions both neck and back.

The iComfort range boasts an exceptional motion transfer rating; though not the lowest available, this should ensure that you don’t feel your partner moving too much during the night.

Serta iComfort mattresses can be found both online and at brick-and-mortar retailers, typically offering significant discounts from their original retail price. Some retailers even provide white-glove delivery service which involves setting up your new mattress while disposing of its predecessor.

Overall, the iComfort line enjoys positive customer reviews and is widely considered one of the best options on the market. Many reviewers appreciate the comfort and support provided by these mattresses; most reviewers praise them as providing well-rested sleep with no back pain at all. A few people may find them too firm; this preference can be addressed by selecting a firmer model.

4. EcoCloud

WinkBeds’ EcoCloud mattress is a high-performing natural latex hybrid mattress certified OEKO-TEX and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). As such, its materials are free from toxic chemicals and adhere to stringent environmental standards. Furthermore, its cover and padding consist of organic cotton and wool from certified farms with GOTS certification while low VOC adhesive is used on its foams, as well as recycled steel coils for coil construction; all this contributes to its remarkable cooling performance and overall sustainable construction.

This mattress’s core is composed of individually-wrapped recycled steel coils designed to support your body and promote better spinal alignment, wrapped with flexible Talalay latex known for its contouring and cradling support. These materials work together to meet the needs of different sleepers; side sleepers will love how latex conforms to their bodies to alleviate pressure points while back sleepers appreciate zoned pocketed coils which promote proper spinal alignment while combination sleepers find this mattress accommodating thanks to its medium-soft feel.

Motion isolation on the EcoCloud mattress is above average for hybrid beds, due to its springs which provide some bounce and help absorb movements of sleeping partners. However, note that its motion isolation cannot match that of fully memory foam beds.

This latex hybrid mattress from WinkBed is ideal for anyone interested in trying their luck at latex hybrid mattresses while looking for something sustainable yet cost-effective. Available in twin to California king sizes and featuring WinkBed’s generous Sleep Trial policy with Forever Warranty policy backing; 20 year wear simulation testing ensures their bed can withstand time.

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