Best Latex Mattress For Back Pain

best latex mattress for back pain

Latex mattresses provide a responsive feel that relieves pressure points that cause backache, providing solid edge support and maintaining temperature regulation. Additionally, this type of mattress also offers solid edge support and regulates temperature regulation.

WinkBeds’ EcoCloud mattress is an ideal choice for back sleepers and individuals who often change sleeping positions. Crafted with natural Talalay latex, organic cotton, and New Zealand wool for ultimate comfort, its construction meets both GOTS and Rainforest Alliance certification standards.

Nolah Natural

The Nolah Natural is a hybrid latex mattress featuring natural Talalay latex, an eco-friendly material. With a breathable surface to help you remain cool throughout the night and no chemicals or odors whatsoever present, the mattress provides unparalleled pressure relief while adapting perfectly to any body shape – California King and Twin sizes available with 15 year limited warranties.

The Natural has a firmness level of 6 on Sandman’s Firmness Scale, making it suitable for most sleepers. The thick latex comfort layers offer support and cushion while minimising pressure points. Furthermore, its zoned support system offers lumbar back support to ease back pain while encouraging healthy posture.

Nolah Mattress features a layer of organic cotton and wool that acts as a fire barrier, for added safety. Furthermore, its thick foundation features HDMax Tri-Zone coils which enhance durability and responsiveness of this mattress – each coil being individually enclosed within dense transition layering to ensure longevity of use. Finally, Nolah took great pains stress testing materials in order to guarantee long term use for each mattress they produced.

Nolah Natural mattresses feature a stronger construction that resists compression and sagging than memory foam mattresses, while their dense latex layers remain resilient and do not sink into the mattress, providing a firmer-than-soft feel and lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions than memory foam, eliminating that “off-gassing” smell associated with memory foam beds.

Nolah Natural mattresses are great options for back sleepers looking to avoid pressure point pain, while not recommended for stomach or front sleeping. Heavy stomach sleepers will likely find the mattress too soft, lacking necessary lumbar support. In order to provide better support and not collapse easily while sleeping on it. For these sleepers it may be more suitable to opt for firmer latex mattress that won’t compress as easily.

Birch Natural

Birch Natural’s eco-friendly hybrid mattress made with organic materials may be your perfect match. Certified to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Greenguard Gold standards, its components boast numerous eco-friendly certifications – not to mention that its construction takes place right here in America! Furthermore, its medium firmness makes it suitable for most sleeping positions while the company offers both a 100-night trial period and 25 year warranty to back it up.

This mattress’s cover is constructed using GOTS-certified organic cotton that offers breathability and temperature regulation. Woven into this cotton is a layer of wool for extra softness and natural fire retardancy – not forgetting its ability to wick away sweat!

Subsequent to this layer is another 0.5″ layer of sustainably-sourced New Zealand wool that is also very comfortable and wicks moisture away. This layer acts as a comforter to soften the feel and act as a barrier between you and the 8-inch layer of all-natural Talalay latex that forms the bulk of this mattress.

Sleepers weighing 130 pounds or more report excellent support from this bed, thanks to its excellent balance of conforming and firmness. Side sleepers in particular will appreciate how its latex and wool batting reduce pressure points on hips, shoulders and back by conforming to your body shape for alleviating pressure points. In fact, foam and coil layers work together seamlessly to adapt perfectly with any sleeping position to alleviate these points altogether.

Though this bed does offer some motion reduction, it doesn’t quite match up to the best memory foam mattresses for couples due to its steel coils making some audible noise when moving around during the night.

Helix Sleep (Birch’s parent company) offers an impressive variety of mattresses, so it comes as no surprise that Birch Natural provides an accommodating option for a range of sleeping styles and bodies. Ideal for back and stomach sleepers alike, while providing enough responsiveness to satisfy most couples. However, light sleepers should perhaps explore other alternatives.


If you’re in search of a hybrid mattress to provide optimal support and spinal alignment, Awara stands out as one of the best latex mattresses for back pain. Crafted with organic cotton, Dunlop latex, wrapped coils and featuring plush pillow top comfort with New Zealand wool for moisture wicking capabilities – Awara makes an exceptional latex mattress.

Awara is a family-owned company and offers an extended warranty to back its premium materials and high-quality construction. This warranty protects against physical flaws or degradation that causes foam cracking or splitting as well as visible indentation of more than 1″ or 1.5″.

The Awara Mattress features 2 inches of natural Dunlop latex extracted from real rubber trees, providing a soft yet supportive material ideal for allergy sufferers. Plus, its eco-friendly construction doesn’t use chemical flame retardants or phthalates – all major selling points!

Awara mattress’s 8″ pocketed coil system is carefully zoned for optimal support, reducing motion transfer between bed partners such as pets or children and ensuring weight distribution evenly to prevent pressure points and maintain spinal alignment. Furthermore, its medium-firm feel makes Awara suitable for back, stomach, combo sleepers and combination users; it may not suit heavy side sleepers well though.

Latex foam differs from memory foam in that it is produced from renewable resources and biodegradable. Furthermore, latex is hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to mold and mildew growth, making it an excellent option for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Fabric mattresses offer more breathable options than synthetic foams, which can trap heat and raise body temperatures while you sleep. This feature can be especially helpful in hot climates since hot bodies may overheat during restful sleep and cause complications during restful slumber. Awara mattresses feature all-natural materials and eco-friendly production that make them a good choice for shoppers seeking to be environmentally responsible when making purchasing decisions. In partnership with Trees For the Future, this company plants one tree per mattress sold. They also offer free shipping services to reduce shipping costs while simultaneously decreasing environmental impact.

Botanical Bliss

PlushBeds’ Botanical Bliss mattress is an organic latex mattress with medium firmness level that comes in twin, full, queen, king California king and emperor sizes and comes equipped with an organic wool batting layer and mattress cover. Certified organic by using only sustainable practices during manufacturing process GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified it provides adequate support for back and stomach sleeping positions alike.

This mattress boasts a luxurious organic cotton cover certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), providing unrestricted airflow and moisture absorption to keep sleepers cool and comfortable throughout the night. Furthermore, its hypo-allergenic material repels mildew and dust mites as well as being hypoallergenic itself; additionally its organic New Zealand wool batting resists both.

At its heart lies six inches of resilient Sri Lankan botanical latex produced daily from 3,000 organic rubber trees and then vulcanized into an ultra-dense feel that resists body impressions and sagging over time. This organic mattress base is intended to last at least 25 years while supporting your spine in a neutral position.

Next is a soft GOLS certified organic talalay latex comfort layer, providing pressure relief for shoulders, hips, and muscles. This layer is finished off with luxurious quilting of organic New Zealand wool to complete this luxurious experience. Additionally, GOLS certified dunlop latex provides durability and firmness as a dense support core; both certifications guarantee that Botanical Bliss mattress is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

The Botanical Bliss mattress features a medium firmness level, making it suitable for back and stomach sleepers alike. Recommended by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors alike, its medium firmness level cradles the body while relieving pressure points to promote healthy spine alignment. Shipped as a box with assembly required; do not move on your own due to weight; the 12-inch queen size weighs in at 172 pounds alone!

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