Best Anti Sag Mattresses

For maximum anti-sag performance, opt for beds made of resilient materials with high density foams that won’t lose their shape over time.

Foam density measures the amount of material contained within one cubic foot of foam. Mattresses featuring higher-density foams tend to be more resistant to sagging than mattresses featuring lower-density versions.

1. Amerisleep AS5

Amerisleep AS5 mattress features a memory foam top layer with an impressive strong core layer, making it one of the best mattresses to prevent sagging. Crafted in America and with a 20-year warranty, this company also ships directly to customers so you can test them out prior to making a decision. In Arizona, Colorado, Oregon and Texas they even have physical stores where you can come see these beds before buying!

Amerisleep memory foam mattresses feature Bio-Core Foam as the base layer material. This material is stronger and more durable than traditional memory foam, enabling it to support softer layers above it more securely. Plus, Bio-Core foam is eco-friendly! Additionally, Amerisleep uses cotton/polyester fabric covers that are comfortable yet breathable to avoid trapping heat within the mattress and increase airflow for improved breathability.

Amerisleep’s HIVE Transition Layer is an ergonomic, pressure-relieving component found in their hybrid mattresses and can also be found as part of their HIVE mattress line. Comprised of layers of ergonomic and transition foams to offer extra support in key areas like hips and shoulders, as well as Eco-Pur foam that wicks away moisture while simultaneously controlling temperature, the HIVE layer offers extra comfort and support in key places like hips and shoulders.

Amerisleep models stand apart in terms of motion isolation and transfer capabilities, especially the AS5. Memory foam offers excellent response that keeps movement localized to one person’s side of the bed; further, pocked-coil core helps by dampening movement from other parts.

The AS5 mattress is a medium soft mattress and might not be ideal for heavier sleepers or those who prefer firmer feels, yet its conforming properties still allow for healthy spinal alignment across a wide range of body weights.

2. Bear Elite Hybrid

Bear’s thickest and most luxurious option features a quilted cover made of Celliant fibers to aid muscle recovery and promote restful sleep, followed by two layers of copper-infused memory foam which provide soft support, followed by contoured high density support foam for contoured support, all surrounded by individually wrapped coils for strong support and an all-over strong appearance.

This hybrid mattress is produced in the U.S. and delivered directly from its factory to your doorstep, depending on your delivery preferences. Once it arrives, allow 24 to 48 hours for unrolling and decompression before sleeping on it; any off-gassing should dissipate quickly as materials decompose over time.

The Elite Hybrid bed falls on the firmer end of medium with a firmness rating of 6/10, making it more softer than average but still firm enough for most users to find comfortable restful nights on. Durability testing proved its sturdy construction and zoned pocketed coils as having lasting properties, so you should get many years’ use out of this bed.

The Elite Hybrid’s plush top makes this mattress comfortable for back and side sleepers alike, with low pressure in both shoulders and hips as indicated by its pressure map – great news for people suffering shoulder pain! However, stomach sleepers may not find enough support – their weight may compress the top layer into submission with their spine alignment; solid edge support with reinforced coils prevent sinkage when lying or sitting close to edges.

3. Serta iComfort Hybrid

Serta Mattress Company has been manufacturing mattresses for more than 90 years and produces an array of products. Furthermore, they strive to reduce their environmental impact by using recycled steel in their innersprings and box springs.

The iComfort Hybrid mattress from Serta is one of their hybrid mattresses, featuring foam comfort layers, an innerspring coil support system, and cooling technology. Available firmness levels and upgrades make this an excellent option for all types of sleepers; however, consumers have expressed some durability issues regarding this series.

Serta’s iComfort Hybrid mattresses utilize a pocketed coil support system with 1,025 individual coils in a queen size bed, covered by gel memory foam and carbon fiber to keep it cool. Furthermore, Serta employs different amounts of coil strength in different models within this line to produce various firmness levels; firmer coils are found in models such as the CF2000, CF3000 and CF4000 while softer ones can be found in models like the CF1000 model.

This hybrid mattress provides excellent motion isolation, so you won’t hear or sense your partner shifting around at night. Furthermore, its ample pressure relief benefits make it suitable for lightweight or average-weight back sleepers.

The Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress offers standard delivery as standard; for an upgrade to white-glove delivery when purchasing directly from their website. White-glove delivery entails having someone bring and set up your mattress before collecting and disposing of your old one for you. Many reviewers report no off-gassing with this mattress while some mention an initial strong chemical smell.

4. Serta iComfort Plus Hybrid

Serta developed its iComfort Hybrid collection to address consumer feedback regarding sleep issues. Available with various firmness options and upgrades, this series covers an array of price points; making it an affordable yet comfortable hybrid mattress.

All hybrid mattresses feature a pocketed coil support system to deliver ample bounce and excellent comfort, with individual coils responding to movement independently to help isolate motion disturbances for your partner, children, or pets. In addition, BestEdge Foam Encasements enhance stability around the edges of each mattress.

These hybrid mattresses make an excellent choice for couples or individuals sharing a bed. Though slightly more costly than non-hybrid models, hybrid models deliver superior comfort and value. Furthermore, these hybrid mattresses work great when placed on adjustable frames as long as slats are close together as memory foam mattresses tend to sag over time if placed on bases with too far apart slats.

The iComfort Hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for people who prefer medium-firm support. The 1025 iComfort Hybrid Support System utilizes individually wrapped coils and Carbon Fiber Memory Foam to offer exceptional comfort and support, while memory foam helps transfer body heat away from your body, keeping spine aligned properly. Plus, with Cooling Gel Infusion temperature regulation is improved for an enhanced sleep experience! CertiPUR-US certified foam ensures this mattress does not contain any toxic materials that deplete Ozone levels; plus you get 120 days of in-home trial period before purchase if interested!

5. Serta iComfort Premier Hybrid

The Serta iComfort Premier Hybrid Mattress is one of the top choices for back sleepers who need additional neck and spine support. It provides exceptional cooling while also contouring to help with pain and pressure points, using all-foam technology combined with pocketed coil support system for more air flow than solid foam mattresses; furthermore it comes equipped with phase change material on top for added cooling properties.

The 1025 iComfort Hybrid Support System features individually wrapped innerspring coils to contour to your body’s curves, while providing durable edge to edge support with its BestEdge Foam Encasement and Carbon Fiber Memory Foam that’s been enhanced with UltraCold to channel away heat away from its surface and provide ample sinkage when lying down. Plush felt surfaces add additional comfort as you stretch out on it when lying down!

As with other hybrid mattresses, this mattress boasts slightly more bounce than its all-foam counterpart. This is due to innersprings being connected and thus responding more immediately when you move than an all-foam model would do; this could potentially pose issues for partners sharing beds; however Serta uses fabrics that cover each coil individually to help mitigate motion isolation issues.

Serta’s CertiPUR-US certified foams are free from phthalates, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, heavy metals and low volatile organic compound emissions standards. Furthermore, its innersprings utilize recycled steel. Furthermore, its iComfort Premier Hybrid mattress offers a generous 100 night trial period before you have to pay any restocking or shipping fees or incur restocking fees or shipping costs.

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