Baby Sleep Consultant in NYC

baby sleep consultant in nyc

Restful, uninterrupted sleep is essential for children’s growth and development; parents too require restful nights for optimal wellbeing! Unfortunately, dealing with sleep issues may become stressful if there are multiple challenges at play at once.

Sleep consulting services typically involve tried-and-tested behavioral approaches that work. At The Happy Sleeper, infant and toddler consultation services are offered both in New York City and Los Angeles.


If your baby is having difficulty sleeping, a sleep consultant could be of great assistance. These experts use tried-and-tested behavioral methods to teach healthy sleeping patterns to your child while equipping you with all of the knowledge required to keep track of her progress and ensure its success. They offer unlimited support throughout their journey to ensure a successful journey, quickly responding when any red flags arise and offering continuous guidance throughout this journey.

An effective New York sleep coach will work closely with you and your child to identify his/her individual needs, then create a personalized plan to address those requirements. They’ll also assist in creating a sleeping routine tailored specifically for your lifestyle and environment; additionally they will assess nursery, diet and caloric intake to make sure everyone in the household is ready for sleep training.

Carolina Romanyuk is an accomplished child and family sleep expert who has assisted families worldwide to experience improved rest through her simple yet straightforward methods. She offers one-on-one support packages so that families can work directly with her to develop and implement a sleep plan; additionally she provides you with a comprehensive sleep manual for each of their children.

Restful sleep is essential to your infant’s physical and emotional growth, yet many new parents struggle to put their infant to bed at night. As this issue prolongs itself, its effect on your family quality of life worsens over time. That is why it is vital that parents seek advice from a qualified sleep specialist; those that offer personalized plans tailored specifically to your infant.

Christina Sallak

Sleep is essential to your baby’s health and well-being. Insufficient rest can contribute to obesity and developmental delays. Luckily, there are solutions available that can help your child sleep sounder through training or behavioral coaching techniques – the easiest way is with help from a baby sleep consultant.

Mommywise founder Christina Sallak brings extensive expertise in infant and toddler sleep training. Her comprehensive, scientific approach has assisted many families overcome their sleep issues; services are offered both online and in-person; she even offers free initial consultations to discuss your child’s sleeping patterns!

Mylee Zschech is an internationally certified child sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute and Infant Behavior Specialist with The Early Years. She provides parents from around the globe with support for their sleep issues through a combination of professional qualifications and extensive personal experience. Mylee offers various packages so that parents can communicate directly with her throughout their journey to better sleep for their kids.

Carolina Romanyuk is an expert child and family sleep specialist who has worked with children all around the world. Her approach is gentle yet scientific; she works closely with each family to develop an individual plan tailored specifically for them. Carolina offers three packages that allow clients to work directly with her; each offers different levels of support. In addition, clients also enjoy one year of follow up support following each visit from her.

Kylee Sallak

Kylee Sallak is an experienced child sleep consultant and parent coach specializing in newborn and toddler sleep training services, including gentle sleep shaping for newborns and coaching for toddlers. Her services can be delivered both in-person or remotely; additionally she holds certification with the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.

Baby sleep is essential to their healthy development, yet can often prove challenging to teach a baby how to do. A sleep consultant can assist parents in meeting this challenge and improve both health and behavior of their child. In addition, they can offer guidance with other parenting issues like potty training and discipline issues.

Parenting new babies can be challenging, yet many babies can learn to become effective sleepers with guidance and commitment from their caregivers. Sleep deprivation has serious negative repercussions for physical, emotional, cognitive development as well as mood and behavior – leading to anxiety or depression for some children. Therefore it’s vitally important that professional help be sought early if a sleeping issue exists – an early solution may have long-lasting ramifications.

Mommywise Sleep Consultants specialize in pediatric sleep training, behavioral modification and parent coaching services for both online and in-person services as well as home visits in Manhattan and its environs. Their approach draws upon scientifically-backed research, employing various techniques and methodologies to tailor an individualized sleep plan specifically tailored for every family they serve.

Ella became a sleep consultant after hiring one herself to address her own sleep difficulties. She enjoys helping families achieve a restful night’s rest; many of her clients have praised her as being sympathetic and encouraging; in addition, Ella provides follow-up support via telephone and email.

Mylee Zschech

Mylee Zschech is a certified sleep consultant with extensive knowledge in infant and toddler sleep. She works with families across the country to teach their children healthy sleeping habits while coaching parents on attachment parenting and being advocates for children – believing they deserve unconditional love, respect, and an overwhelming sense of belongingness – Mylee helps prioritize connection with children for parents so they may find joy in everyday moments together.

Nicole Johnson is the creator of The Baby Sleep Site(r), an online company dedicated to assisting parents overcome their sleep-related difficulties. This business was born out of Nicole’s own experiences as a sleep-deprived mother of two; drawing upon her expertise in child development, psychology, and business as well as her desire to help tired families.

Mylee will devise a customized sleep plan tailored to meet the specific needs of your child. She employs tested methods to encourage healthy sleeping patterns while being mindful and understanding of each family. Mylee uses her expertise and knowledge of newborn to toddler sleep challenges to assist parents navigate them efficiently.

Mylee is a certified sleep and behavior consultant, lactation counselor, and Early Years Child Behavior Specialist. As a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants which requires members to have at least three years experience as child sleep consultants with at least an advanced degree such as pediatric pulmonology; Mylee also completed Parent Coach Institute Appreciative Inquiry and Strengths-Based Advisory Programs respectively and is available for in-person and over the phone consultations.

The Happy Sleeper

Sleep deprivation can have detrimental effects on both cognitive and emotional development, so it is vitally important that parents seek professional advice from a sleep consultant. Sleep consultants specialize in analyzing your child’s sleeping patterns and environment and can offer personalized training techniques, in addition to offering baby classes.

Kerry Bajaj, a pediatric sleep expert, provides tailored solutions to children of all ages. Using scientifically-proven methods, she uses house calls during the day or overnight consultations for two hours to teach healthy sleeping habits to babies and young children. All packages include follow up phone calls to ensure success of programs – though she recommends consulting your physician or child’s paediatrician before making changes to your current sleeping regiments.

She is a licensed clinical Psychologist and sleep coach who has assisted many parents overcome infant and toddler sleep challenges. Her approach is holistic and gentle; she works directly with each family individually to develop an individual sleep plan. Additionally, she offers one-on-one consultations at various locations across NYC.

Carolina Romanyuk, a certified child and family sleep consultant who specializes in pediatric sleep hygiene and behavioral coaching, takes an innovative approach to sleep training that teaches families how to modify their child’s behavior by altering habits. Her Sessions package and Your Child Sleep Manual offer several packages.

Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright are husband-and-wife sleep consultants offering both in-person and online classes to improve families’ sleep worldwide. With simple techniques that have become part of family routine, Heather and Julie’s techniques have assisted families from around the globe get better restful slumber. Their popular book The Happy Sleeper features a foreword from neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Siegel (author of Parenting From the Inside Out).

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