What Is the Best Mattress For Comfort?

What Is the Best Mattress For Comfort?

Finding a comfortable mattress will depend on your sleeping position and preferences, but finding a great mattress is vital in order to avoid back pain, promote healthy sleeping habits and ultimately promote overall wellness.

Numerous elements contribute to a mattress’s comfort, such as materials used and manufacturing certifications; but ultimately it comes down to your individual preferences and how the mattress makes you feel.


Since we spend one third of our lives asleep, selecting the most comfortable mattress is of paramount importance. Your ideal mattress should provide support while also offering enough cushion to alleviate body weight distribution while remaining cool to the touch and durable enough to last through years of wear and tear. There are plenty of mattresses to suit various sleeping preferences and body types available for purchase today!

For side sleepers, consider investing in a memory foam mattress which cradles protruding shoulders, hips and knees for improved circulation. Back and stomach sleepers would be best served with either hybrid or innerspring mattresses that offer more substantial, stable support that improves spinal alignment; and heavier individuals should look for firmer mattresses which won’t allow their bodies to sink through foam layers.

Tuft & Needle’s Original mattress offers something to meet the sleep preferences and body weight needs of virtually everyone, and boasts seven inches of dense foam at its base, as well as three inches of their proprietary Adaptive Foam with cooling gel and graphite to keep you cool while you slumber – this mattress rates medium-firm on our firmness scale. Additionally, hybrid options with both foam and coils may also be available.


Mattress Advisor testers found that no matter your preferred sleeping position – stomach, side or back – you require adequate support to keep your spine in its natural curve. A mattress that’s too soft won’t cradle the curves properly and may lead to hip, shoulder and lower back discomfort; in such instances a firm bed such as Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell (Pillow Top Firm) can help alleviate such pain; alternatively the Tempur-Adapt Zenhaven Medium Hybrid is also great as it combines classic innerspring buoyancy with contouring foam material for superior support. Mattress Advisor tested various models.

Heavy sleepers might benefit from a hybrid mattress like WinkBed’s hybrid design with innerspring layers and memory foam layers for an even, comfortable experience. Its micro-coil layer provides extra edge support and has earned this mattress an overall score of 9/10 for responsiveness; additionally, fabric-encased coils add foundational support suitable for most sleep styles and body types.

Tuft & Needle Original all-foam mattresses offer heavy sleepers an affordable solution. Their simple construction includes seven inches of traditional dense foam for its base layer, followed by three inches of proprietary “Adaptive Foam” featuring graphite and cooling gel for slow response similar to more costly memory foam models.

Temperature Regulation

Those who frequently experience morning sweat may need a mattress with adaptive cooling technologies like phase-change materials and breathable fabrics to dissipate body heat during sleep. Hybrid mattresses may offer additional support than all-foam beds while their coil layers promote airflow for greater ventilation.

Purple mattresses feature multiple layers designed to help it remain cool. A foundation layer of pocketed coils sits atop several inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer material reminiscent of what can be found in Dr. Scholl’s soles or toy balls (it also used here!). This Hyper-Elastic Polymer forms grids which, according to its manufacturer, trap less heat than traditional foam does.

Our tests found the Purple mattress to sleep relatively cool overall, with our home tester noting it’s especially breathable in summer and spring, not becoming overly warm while she slept on it.

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe bed-in-a-box mattress is an excellent choice for sleepers seeking a cool mattress, featuring multiple types of cooling materials to help regulate body temperature evenly and help ensure an uninterrupted night’s rest. In particular, its dynamic cooling foam moves with you as you move throughout the night to help regulate it; additionally, its cover contains carbon threads to reduce static electricity build-up that occurs throughout our daily lives and limits production of melatonin, essential to sleep quality.

Motion Isolation

When sharing a bed with another, finding a mattress that neither sinks too deeply nor bounces excessively is ideal. This hybrid mattress strikes that balance, with its soft memory-foam layer providing ample comfort for back and side sleepers while still offering enough support to stomach sleepers’ spines as well.

Construction: This mattress from one of the original bed-in-a-box companies provides an alternative take on innerspring mattress designs, featuring 1.5 inches of ecofriendly memory foam on top of individually wrapped coils made from recycled steel and sitting atop poly foam as its foundation. Testers found it responsive without overheating issues; although some found its contouring capabilities lacking.

This mattress’s most striking feature is its Purple Grid material, according to its maker, which allows users to stay cool while providing cushiony support for your body while sleeping comfortably. Furthermore, you can tailor its feel according to your personal preferences: from plush to firmer options that better address heavier individuals or those suffering from back or hip discomfort.

Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio tested it with her children, finding its low profile ideal for bunk and trundle beds. At seven inches, its height puts children at risk without becoming so high as to put their lives in jeopardy of falling off of their beds.

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