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apps for sleep

Sleep apps provide a range of treatments, from soothing white noise to guided meditation. Finding one that addresses your specific issues is key, according to experts.

This iOS and Android sleep app utilizes randomly mixed sound effects, music and vocal tracks to help ease you to slumber. A $6.99 monthly subscription unlocks more content.


Many people don’t get enough sleep, and if that applies to you, there are apps available that may help you fall asleep faster and remain asleep for longer. Options range from tracking your sleep, providing white noise, offering guided meditations and offering guided imagery sessions all the way through to providing music, sleep stories and ambient sounds library plus sound mixing functions and timer alarm features that can serve as wake-up alarms.

Some of the best sleep apps are tailored towards both children and adults alike; others focus on specific issues related to snoring or insomnia. One such app, BetterSleep, provides a comprehensive analysis of your sleeping pattern with features like an integrated journal to track nighttime interruptions as well as identification of different sleep stages as well as tips to improve sleeping habits.

This user-friendly app combines relaxing music and natural sounds in an intuitive interface. Downloading is free, while upgrading to premium will provide additional content and customization of background. With rainforest recordings from rainforest to ocean to desert environments and sunrise/sunset alarms. Also compatible with Hatch Restore smart lamp that automatically adjusts its brightness according to circadian rhythm for optimized sleeping quality and alarm clock functionality.

Calm is known for its celeb-narrated sleep stories; Sleep Cycle tracks your slumber and wakes you in its lightest phase; and Pzizz uses “psychoacoustics”, or psychological effects of sound, to help users fall asleep quickly. All three apps are available both for iOS and Android devices.

Bedtime Stories App is another option to track sleep. Available for iPhone and iPad, this app allows users to select from hundreds of narrated stories ranging from classic fairy tales to contemporary novels narrated by an array of narrators (such as Matthew McConaughey or Stephen Fry!). Though free for download, full library access requires subscription.


Calm offers a library of meditation and sleep content to satisfy everyone. Choose from guided meditations with music playlists specifically created to aid relaxation, breathwork exercises, daily movement videos/audios/relaxation stories for children as well as wisdom-packed masterclasses – this app has something for everyone! Calm Premium features additional functionality like tracking moods/sleep and recording daily gratitude logs as an added benefit.

Calm’s sleep and meditation content has been independently tested to ensure its effectiveness, with investments made into research and development by Calm itself. Calm can be downloaded by people of all ages and backgrounds and is offered in French, German and Spanish for users’ convenience.

App features include access to community forums and articles related to topics like mindfulness and emotional intelligence, tracking their progress, receiving personalized recommendations based on current moods and needs, one-click accessibility settings making the app user friendly, as well as personalized recommendations based on these factors.

Users can select from an assortment of relaxing sounds such as white noise, ocean waves and wind for optimal relaxation. Sleep and relaxation content on this app is narrated by celebrities such as LeBron James, Harry Styles, Laura Dern Scottie Pippen Stephen Fry and Matthew McConaughey; additionally it also provides breathing exercises and mindfulness reminders.

Customers of The Calm app have expressed immense appreciation for its ability to enhance their quality of life. It has earned 4.8 stars on both iOS and Android devices with over 4 million downloads – and comes with a free trial period! Designed to reduce anxiety and promote deep sleep, its soothing soundscapes aim to reduce anxiety as well as relieve stress and depression – making this an effective treatment adjunct to psychotherapy or medication regimens.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep-tracking apps can help you monitor and understand your sleeping patterns so you can improve the quality of sleep.

Sleep Cycle’s movement-detecting alarm clock provides a more gentle way of awakening you while keeping in mind your individual sleeping cycles and schedule. Plus, its various other features – nature sound lullabies and snoring recording are just two more conveniences it provides!

Withings’ Health Mate app – well known for its baby monitors and wireless scales – stores your sleep data. By tapping a sleep tab, you can view the details and breathing cycles associated with each phase. Furthermore, a graph depicts your night’s activity: times you were awake as well as length of each sleep phase.

This non-wearable sleep tracker employs sensors placed under your mattress. It offers insights on your REM, deep, and light sleep stages, along with a personalized Sleep and Readiness score for each morning to help prioritize well-being. In addition, its Moment feature offers guided meditation and mindful breathing to promote personal wellness.


Sleep++, available free on Apple Watch but including ads (an in-app purchase can remove them), is one of the most popular sleep apps. With its user-friendly design and comprehensive feature set (such as tracking your sleep automatically, writing to Health on iPhone, and providing access to heart rate and blood oxygen levels on Series 6 watches or later watches), it makes using Sleep++ an effortless experience.

Sleep As You Grow offers several unique features, such as setting nightly sleep goals and receiving reminder notifications when it is time for bed. Furthermore, it analyzes your night of restful slumber based on three key metrics – wake-up time, duration and heart rate data are combined into an overall readiness score ranging from 0-100 that indicates quality restful slumber.

Two years after its initial release, Sleep++ recently received an update that introduces automatic sleep tracking via your Apple Watch. Like AutoSleep, Sleep++ requires that you wear your watch while sleeping to let it know when it’s time for bed or wakeup and uses data stored in Health app to track your cycle – additionally writing to Health after each night for easy record keeping if desired! Plus you can view results as charts within Sleep++ app itself!

Quality sleep is what matters when it comes to feeling rested and refreshed, so sleep apps often focus on providing detailed analysis of sleeping patterns – using charts and reports that help show how your rest changes over time and suggest ways to enhance it. Most apps on this list will offer at least one day’s worth of data for free while subscription options unlock more advanced features like personalized insights and tips.

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