The Best Place to Buy Mattress Online

best place to buy mattress online

If you prefer shopping in person, mattress showrooms and department stores might be best. But if the vast selection leaves you overwhelmed or your schedule doesn’t permit for physical shopping, online options offer another convenient solution.

Many online mattress companies provide trial periods, enabling shoppers to test mattresses from home until they find one that’s the ideal fit. Some, like Tuft & Needle and Casper, even offer retail locations so customers can experience their products first hand.

Direct-to-consumer mattress companies

Direct-to-consumer mattress companies sell directly to consumers, eliminating middlemen and cutting costs. Their mattresses typically arrive compressed in a box for easy handling and setup, often having short shipping times as well as white glove delivery options at additional fees. Furthermore, many offer bedding essentials such as bed frames/foundations/sheets/pillows – making these mattresses an attractive choice for anyone seeking both affordability and long term comfort in one purchase.

When purchasing an online mattress, make sure to read up on its sleep trial and warranty policies to ascertain whether a company is trustworthy. Furthermore, check reviews and ratings of any mattresses you are considering purchasing; ensure it has good firmness levels with quality materials used in its construction.

Many online mattress retailers sell mattresses at lower prices than traditional stores and provide a range of sizes and firmness levels to meet customers’ individual needs. Some even provide custom solutions, which is especially helpful for people experiencing back pain or are overweight.

MOLECULE is one of the newest players in this sector, recently signing Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps as its ambassador. Their Evolution mattress provides plush yet supportive sleeping comfort thanks to layers of foam and padding that promote an excellent night’s rest – they even offer a free 365-day home sleep trial and free sheets with every purchase!

Helix Mattress is another popular option available in various firmness levels and sizes. Crafted with natural latex from either Talalay or Dunlop processes, which affect the feel and durability of each mattress; Talalay latex being more buoyant and durable. Furthermore, all mattress orders from Helix come complete with a free pillow included!

WinkBed mattress provides another great option, featuring individually wrapped coils and gel-infused memory foam to support various sleeping positions. Ideal for anyone who suffers from hip, shoulder or back pain; its 365-day sleep trial period and 10-year limited warranty add even further appeal.

Department stores

Before you shop for a mattress online or offline, it is crucial to understand exactly what your preferences are. Once this decision has been made, compare different brands and models before verifying the retailer’s return policy and ensuring delivery on time.

Consider not only price but also reputation and customer support when purchasing a mattress online. Reputable mattress retailers generally offer a good selection at competitive prices as well as knowledgeable salespeople that can assist in finding your ideal mattress – but be aware of any additional charges that might occur as some companies may charge more for their services than others – ultimately, always buy from a company you can trust!

Department stores that specialize in home furnishings offer another avenue for purchasing mattresses online, often stocking mattresses amongst a wider selection of home furnishings and accessories than specialty mattress stores and are more likely to carry more high-end options than budget chains.

Costco earned a Very Good rating in Consumer Reports’ most recent mattress store survey, earning high scores for variety, sales service quality and on-time delivery. Furthermore, Costco provides generous trial periods as well as free returns or exchanges of mattresses purchased there.

Mattress technology is rapidly advancing, with some companies even providing innovative technologies designed to enhance sleep. Some mattresses feature built-in cooling technology for keeping cool at night; antimicrobial and odor-fighting materials are another innovation often included with top-rated online mattress retailers.

If you are shopping for a mattress online, be sure to explore what’s currently available and wait for big sales events like Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday when prices can drop significantly.

Specialty mattress stores

No matter your mattress needs – innerspring, hybrid, memory foam or latex – there are numerous choices available to you. While traditional mattress stores carry all these mattresses, online companies specialize in specific brands or types. Not only can these companies offer wider selection of products at lower prices than department or general furniture stores; some even provide generous trial periods of up to one year!

Some mattress retailers provide customers with an opportunity to try out their mattresses directly in person at a showroom, as well as phone or online chat customer support, delivery services and set-up options. Some even offer special promotions or discounts during certain times of the year like Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday.

Many online mattress retailers provide attractive features to attract consumers, such as free shipping and returns, money-back guarantees, expert advice from sleep specialists and an expansive range of sizes and styles for consumers with medical conditions or allergies. Some retailers even provide financing options that may help those without large sums of cash on hand make purchases.

Online mattress shopping may come with its share of drawbacks; one being being unable to physically try out the product before purchasing. But most mattress brands make up for this by providing generous sleep trial periods of 100 days to one year depending on the company in question, plus assistance in disposing of your old mattress if it turns out not be right fit for you.

Though purchasing mattresses online offers numerous advantages, some people still prefer shopping in physical stores. These stores can often have an impressive selection of beds stocked by knowledgeable salespeople; however, it should be remembered that salespeople in such stores may receive commission-based pay and may push you into purchasing something you don’t require or desire. Furthermore, their return policies and restocking fees may differ significantly than industry norms.


Finding the appropriate mattress requires many considerations. Your sleeping position, temperature preferences, firmness preference and budget all need to be considered before selecting a mattress that best meets your needs. Sometimes only after trying one out will it become clear which is your top pick; where you buy your mattress also plays an integral part in its experience for you.

Many online mattress companies ship their products directly to your home rolled tight and vacuum sealed in a box, making them easy to transport, unroll and setup without heavy lifting required. They often offer free shipping or white glove delivery services as well as sleep trial trials or warranties.

Mattresses available on the market typically feature an innerspring or box spring design, featuring coils of various gauge wire and wrapped around by layers of cushioning materials such as cotton, wool or silk for optimal support and comfort. This results in mattresses which provide both excellent support and exceptional relaxation.

Most mattresses on the market feature a medium-firm feel and are suitable for most sleepers. Their designs offer contour support, pressure relief, cool breathability and are free of glues, adhesives, petrochemical flame retardants or any other toxic chemicals that could pose potential threats to health.

Zinus’ hybrid mattress is an excellent solution for people who tend to run hot at night, as its cooling cover – made of copper and green tea extract – keeps you from overheating while its foam layer neutralizes odors effectively. Plus, there’s also a pocketed spring layer to provide back and neck support.

Bear Mattress provides another excellent option with its small, portable box. It offers customizable firmness levels – soft, medium or firm. Plus it comes with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial, lifetime warranty and free shipping! And should you not be satisfied, they will donate it to charity – making these direct-to-consumer purchases highly recommendable as long as they make use of these trials; although keep in mind it could take up to one month for your body to adjust to new mattresses!

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