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best luxury mattress

Are you seeking luxurious sleep? When selecting the ideal mattress, take into consideration a luxurious mattress. They typically feature high-grade materials and construction that can last 10+ years.

Search for mattresses that provide spine alignment support, regulate temperature control and minimize motion transfer. Many also feature high-quality natural materials like wool and lambswool for maximum comfort and support. Some manufacturers even provide white glove delivery – bringing your mattress right into your home while taking away all packaging materials!

1. Saatva Classic

The Classic is not only one of the more cost-effective mattresses on this list; it is also of very high quality. Constructed using upcycled steel and natural cotton materials and certified to CertiPUR-US and GOTS standards, this hybrid innerspring model features two layers of durable steel coils as well as an ultra plush Euro pillow top to offer pressure relief with slight bounce, providing great pressure relief when sitting or lying down. Furthermore, its excellent edge support makes this an invaluable choice for couples sharing beds or those sharing beds with pets!

Environmentally friendly manufacturing also sets it apart among online mattress retailers. They’re one of the few that doesn’t compress their beds into boxes during shipping to reduce chemical usage during production; additionally, each mattress comes infused with antimicrobial formulation to prevent mold and mildew growth.

The Classic comes in three firmness options, from plush soft to luxury firm and firm. Of these options, Luxury Firm may be best for most sleepers as it falls around 7 out of 10, providing both support and comfort. People suffering hip or shoulder pain may benefit from contoured lumbar support while shoulder pain sufferers might enjoy the extra cushion provided by Euro pillow top.

Saatva mattresses use hand-tufting as a more luxurious way to adhere the layers, as opposed to glue or chemical methods that some competitors employ. Furthermore, this method reduces off-gassing significantly which is especially important if you’re sensitive to smell.

Saatva stands out from other online mattresses by providing free white-glove delivery and 365-night trial period with lifetime warranty policy coverage. If you decide to return it, the company will handle everything for you; however a $99 return fee applies; therefore we advise testing out your bed first in your home prior to purchasing it.

2. Brooklyn Aurora Luxe

The Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid mattress offering multiple firmness options and cooling features, making it a suitable option for hot sleepers. Its cooling abilities come from TitanCool phase change material woven into its cover and infused into its initial comfort layer; when your body heat hits it, this material liquefies to pull heat away from the surface of the bed while keeping you comfortable.

Cover and initial layer mattress features gel infusion to help draw heat away from the skin and pocketed coils allow airflow circulation throughout the bed to help prevent you from overheating.

Copper Gel Energex foam from this brand absorbs any pressure put onto the mattress, providing additional cushioning to this already contouring hybrid mattress. This layer combines fast-responding memory foam with responsive TitanFlex polyfoam, creating an experience that conforms to your shape while remaining responsive and bouncy.

This layer features copper ionized gel to absorb body heat and transfer it away, helping you stay cool throughout the night. Beneath this foam you will discover 8-zone coils for additional support and comfort during sleep.

The Brooklyn Aurora is built from layers of high-density polyfoam that serve as a foundation. This layer helps provide structure to the bed while remaining bouncy; meaning you won’t ever feel trapped when lying down on it!

This Brooklyn Aurora mattress offers three firmness options to meet every sleeping position and body type. Side sleepers will appreciate the softness of its medium model while back and stomach sleepers appreciate its firm version. Furthermore, its softer feel may provide relief for shoulder pain relief while aligning your spine and relieving any pressure build-up.

3. Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster has long been considered a premier manufacturer in the luxury mattress market, offering a full spectrum of options ranging from firm to soft mattresses in terms of firmness. Fabric and foam layers combine for maximum comfort for every sleeping position and body type imaginable; plus their innovative IntelliCoil HD innerspring technology monitors movement during sleep to deliver optimal comfort.

One of Stearns & Foster’s most luxurious mattresses, the Reserve Hepburn is considered to be their king of all mattresses. Crafted by hand with premium materials for maximum comfort and support, this mattress boasts multiple plush layers, including Tempur-Pedic memory foam and a nested coil-in-coil design for optimal support and reduced motion transfer. Plush fabrics like sustainably-sourced TENCEL and silky wool cover this luxurious mattress for an ultimate luxurious sleeping experience.

Stearns & Foster mattresses typically last 6-8 years with proper care, and come with a 10-year limited warranty that provides repairs or replacement if there is structural damage or any signs of normal wear and tear, such as sagging or odor.

Stearns & Foster mattresses are well known for their cooling capabilities. Utilizing gel foam, coils and air vents to promote a cooling and comfortable sleeping experience. Furthermore, phase change material absorbs and draws away body heat throughout the night to keep you comfy throughout your sleep cycle.

Most customers report the Stearns & Foster mattress has an outstanding feel, though some reports of durability issues and firmness issues exist. Overall, however, Stearns & Foster enjoys an outstanding reputation for producing high-quality products with outstanding customer service.

4. Tempur-Pedic Breeze

The Tempur-Pedic Breeze luxury mattress is one of the finest offerings available today. Offering incredible pressure relief and cooling systems to help sleep comfortably, the Breeze model may cost more than other mattresses within its price range; however, many sleepers find its superiority worth paying extra for.

Tempur-Pedic has been crafting mattresses for decades and continues to develop their models through feedback from sleepers. Recent improvements include more breathable materials, better cooling systems, and comfort layers with additional support features. Their selection of models offers something suitable for every sleeper’s needs.

The Breeze model boasts the latest updates. Now equipped with Ventilated TEMPUR-APR material that provides pressure relief while remaining extremely breathable, this layer is integrated into SmartClimate Dual Cover System to make this mattress truly remarkable.

SmartClimate layer is specially crafted to pull heat away from you while dissipating it across the mattress, helping reduce heat build-up and keeping you cool all night long. Furthermore, its phase change material uses your body’s natural heat cycle out moisture for you and keep you feeling comfortable all night long.

Pressure relief is of great concern to most consumers when shopping for premium mattresses, as many common sleeping problems such as backache, neck stiffness and snoring are caused by unsupportive beds that put undue strain on pressure points in your body. This strain not only causes muscular-skeletal problems but can also collapse airways leading to snoring and poor quality restful slumber.

The Breeze mattress features breathable materials and an advanced support layer that work together to relieve pressure from shoulders, hips and spine, helping prevent skeletal and muscular disorders while keeping your spine aligned properly. This mattress may even reduce snoring and improve sleep quality overall – although not everyone will find this mattress comfortable; at 13″ it may be too tall for some while its weight makes moving it around difficult (especially if elderly individuals use it).

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