The Best Latex Mattress For Side Sleepers

best latex mattress side sleepers

Latex mattresses have seen an impressive resurgence as one of the leading options for side sleepers due to its buoyancy and pressure relief features, durability, sustainability, and lack of off-gassing emissions.

All-natural latex mattresses can be created through either the Dunlop or Talalay process, with soft Dunlop layers in the comfort layer and firmer Talalay layers as support core components.


Latex is an inherently resilient material that offers excellent support to side sleepers. Due to its natural resilience and responsiveness, latex mattresses provide even weight distribution across their surfaces and help relieve pressure off shoulders and hips, helping alleviate aches and pains caused by side sleeping positions. Furthermore, latex mattresses often come with breathable cotton covers or natural wool from New Zealand which will keep sleepers cool and comfy throughout their restful slumber sessions.

When selecting a mattress for side sleepers, firmness should be their top priority. Many brands provide various firmness levels; some are better suited for specific sleeping positions than others; for instance, side sleepers generally require a medium-to-soft-firm mattress which will provide sufficient shoulder and hip support without straining their spine too much; whereas back and stomach sleepers usually need firmer mattresses that will offer adequate spine support.

Another key characteristic to look for when purchasing a mattress is how much give there is in it. Latex tends to offer more “give” than memory foam mattresses, enabling side sleepers to move easily throughout the night without disturbing their partner.

Many online mattress companies specialize in latex mattresses and offer superior warranties and customer service than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers due to the fact that they handle sourcing and production themselves and thus eliminate middleman fees. Furthermore, some offer 100-night sleep trials so customers can test out the mattress in their home before making a final decision.

Some of the top latex mattresses for side sleepers boast 100% organic cotton and wool layers, natural rubber, and certified low-VOC adhesive. One such mattress, Latex For Less is certified GREENGUARD Gold, GOTS, and OEKO-TEX to guarantee sustainable materials free from harmful chemicals.


Latex is an exceptional material for all sleep positions, providing buoyant support without the use of memory foam mattresses which retain odors or retain allergens. Plus it has many natural fire retardant qualities without holding onto them like memory foam mattresses do! However, latex can be expensive but direct-to-consumer brands can keep costs low while still offering its superior properties without compromising its superior performance.

Not only should an ideal latex mattress provide maximum comfort, it should also be sustainable and eco-friendly. Natural latex harvested from rubber trees requires minimal chemicals during processing before returning back into nature through biodegradability – reducing wasteful recycling processes as well as manufacturing processes. Most latex mattresses feature either GREENGUARD Gold certification, GOTS certification or OEKO-TEX certification certifying they do not contain harmful chemicals.

For optimal side sleeping on your latex mattress for side sleepers, it is crucial that you consider both your individual sleeping preferences and firmness preferences when making your selection. Heavy people generally do better on firmer beds while those seeking a softer feel might consider medium-firm mattresses instead. In addition to firmness levels, a good mattress should have enough bounce for optimal comfort.

A quality mattress should feature an easy-care cover with breathability and easy care, along with a robust warranty and sleep trial to offer peace of mind when making your purchase. Many of the mattresses featured here meet or surpass industry standard 10-year warranties and/or feature extended trials lasting up to one year for added peace of mind in making your selection. These additional benefits will give you confidence when shopping and help ensure that you enjoy your new bed for years.


Latex mattresses stand out from other mattress materials because of their superior durability; latex resists body impressions well and will remain sturdy long after purchase. Furthermore, its breathability helps you sleep cool throughout the night.

Eco-friendly and natural, latex mattress are an excellent choice for those who value living an organic lifestyle. Certain brands produce 100% natural latex mattresses while others use both organic and synthetic materials in their creation process. One hybrid mattress that utilizes latex and foam simultaneously to offer comfort, support, and durability is Brooklyn Bedding EcoSleep; its flippable design allowing users to switch between soft side sleeping or firm side options makes this mattress suitable for back and stomach sleepers alike.

Latex mattresses provide another benefit of latex: its ability to isolate movement and protect your partner’s sleep from disruption. This feature is especially important if you share a bed with a significant other, since it helps limit tossing and turning that often occurs. Our reviewers have awarded the WinkBeds EcoCloud with high marks for motion transfer and responsiveness from reviewers who tested the mattress.

Latex mattresses have long been known to offer excellent pressure relief, making them great choices for people living with chronic back pain. Medium-firm models tend to be most suitable for this use case since it offers enough support.

Latex mattresses can also be an effective choice for people with mild to moderate allergies. Latex production typically involves thorough washing and subjecting it to high temperatures during manufacture, which helps eliminate allergenic proteins that contribute to reactions. Most individuals who are sensitive to latex can sleep comfortably on this type of mattress without experiencing any negative side effects.

Though 100% organic mattresses do not exist, the Zenhaven Natural Latex mattress comes close. Crafted using natural materials like cotton, latex and New Zealand wool and certified by both GOTS and GOLS for safety, it features both foam and pocketed coils for support and comfort – at an extremely competitive price point and offering different firmness levels suitable for most sidesleepers.


Latex mattresses tend to outlive memory foam in terms of durability and are one of the best long-term investments you can make in a mattress, lasting 15+ years with proper care. Unfortunately, however, their longer lifespan tends to make them more expensive than other options.

If you want to save money on latex mattresses, consider opting for an organic or all-natural model certified by an environmental organization. Such mattresses typically utilize organic materials and come with at least 25 year warranty – a great choice for sleepers with allergies, back pain or who simply desire an eco-friendly bed.

The Nolah Natural 11 mattress is an outstanding example of an affordable yet eco-friendly latex mattress, boasting multiple layers of natural latex with support coils that have been hole-punched to increase breathability for maximum cooling results, earning it a 9/10 rating from Mattress Advisor. Plus, its construction uses organic cotton fibers and nontoxic materials!

Latex mattresses are well-known for their unique bouncy feel that many consumers prefer over other forms of foam. This bounciness is especially beneficial to side sleepers as it prevents shoulders and hips from being bunched up or overextended during restful restful sleep.

Latex mattresses provide couples who struggle with motion transfer an added advantage by isolating motion better than other beds.

Even though latex mattresses are resilient by nature, it’s still essential to thoroughly research a warranty before making a decision. The top latex mattresses feature extended warranties beyond the 10-year industry norm – Saatva Latex Hybrid comes with both a lifetime guarantee and generous sleep trial periods.

Helix Birch is another highly rated all-natural and organic latex mattress designed for side sleeper support, featuring layers of New Zealand wool that is breathable for air flow as well as sustainably-sourced latex certified as GREENGUARD Gold, GOTS, and OEKO-TEX free from harmful chemicals. These materials allow your bed to breathe more easily while simultaneously decreasing heat build-up that could eventually cause it to sag over time.

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