The Best Custom Mattresses

best custom mattresses

Custom mattresses can help improve sleep quality and alleviate back pain. Adapting to your unique body type, these mattresses may feature special features such as cooling materials for hot sleepers.

First, choose a firmness level – soft, medium or firm. Next, select either hyperelastic TitanFlex foam or breathable Dunlop latex as your comfort layer.


One of the key factors when searching for a mattress is firmness. Firmness determines how well a mattress supports and distributes your body weight across its surface, which directly impacts how well you sleep. Though firmness can vary between individuals, many mattress-in-a-box brands provide customization options so you can find one to fit your preference perfectly.

Manufacturers offer a 1-to-10 firmness scale to assist shoppers in narrowing down the ideal mattress for them, and while this method may not be foolproof, it provides an effective framework to compare beds and determine which might be suitable.

Custom mattresses should provide enough flexibility for all types of sleepers. Foam mattresses tend to be the most customizable choice, while hybrid and hybrid-latex models may offer additional customizations with coils or similar construction combining with layers of foam for an all-inclusive experience.

If you’re uncertain of which firmness level would suit you best, take into account your preferred sleeping position. Most positions require certain firmness levels in order to prevent the spine from sinking too deeply and creating pressure points; people under 130 pounds typically prefer softer beds while those who weigh over that mark typically prefer medium or firm ones.

For those in need of extra support, the Luxi Adjustable offers an easy solution. As a foam mattress with interchangeable layers that allows you to change its firmness from within your own home by unzipping its cover and rearrange latex pieces, it begins at medium firmness which should satisfy most people.

An overly soft mattress could result in back pain and poor posture, while too firm of one could lead to sleep disturbance. Finding a mattress suitable for everyone may prove tricky, but you can reduce the chances of finding one by carefully considering firmness options and reading reviews before making your selection.


Customizing everything in life has never been easier; from choosing what kind of coffee to order at your favorite cafe to binge-watching shows on Netflix after work. Your mattress shouldn’t be any different; in fact, there are numerous ways you can customize your sleep experience to fit your individual needs.

When purchasing a custom mattress, the materials used will have an enormous influence on both its feel and durability. There is a variety of materials used for mattresses; each has unique properties to consider when making your selection.

Alternatively, if you suffer from allergies, natural materials or synthetic foam mattress could be best. Conversely, those suffering back problems might prefer firm mattresses to keep the spine aligned properly; an ideal custom mattress would take this into consideration when selecting its materials and features.

Helix customizable mattress offers an intuitive sleep quiz to find you the ideal mattress based on your sleeping position and body type. Furthermore, its temperature control, motion isolation and comfort features help make sure it delivers a relaxing night’s rest.

Nolah Evolution mattresses feature multiple cooling technologies that work together to maintain a cool sleep surface both when lying down and throughout the night. Breathable organic cotton covers and cooling quilted Euro toppers help prevent heat build-up while an AirBreath gusset pushes hot air out while pulling cool air in.

One choice for sleepers looking for something extra comfortable is a hybrid mattress, which combines the springy feel of innersprings with cushiony softness of memory foam. For instance, Nolah Evolution mattresses boast four pounds of gel memory foam topped with maximum airflow foam layers for improved airflow and a high-density support core for ultimate support.

Hybrid mattresses offer the best of both worlds for those seeking an all-in-one mattress solution. Ecosa’s customizable mattress, for example, features three layers that can be reconfigured into medium (5/10), medium-firm (6/10), or firm (7/10) settings to meet individual firmness preferences.


Mattress covers are essential components of a quality custom mattress, protecting it from dirt and other forms of debris while also helping keep it cool. The ideal covers are composed of natural materials that can be machine-washed and air-dried for easy care; additionally they should also be tear-resistant and durable enough to cover mattresses of various shapes and sizes with many styles to choose from.

Custom mattresses can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of any room without compromising comfort or quality. Although more costly than standard models, custom mattresses may save space in small rooms or make larger ones feel less cluttered compared to their counterparts. Custom mattresses are often used as an alternative to box springs; they can even be placed directly onto a foundation or platform bed frame for convenience.

Custom mattresses should be constructed from high-grade materials that offer support and comfort, yet remain lightweight for easy transport. Selecting the appropriate mattress requires careful consideration of your sleep needs, space requirements, budget considerations and your personal preferences – you can purchase custom mattresses both online or at physical retail outlets.

Helix Mattress Company excels at customization. Their website allows customers to answer a series of questions regarding their sleeping position, weight and preferences before the Helix algorithm recommends an ideal mattress tailored specifically to them.

The Spindle mattress offers another customizable solution, allowing you to select your firmness level before sending separate layers of Dunlop latex that can be reconfigured into your ideal firmness. Perfect for people who are worried about off-gassing or chemical smells!

Helix Mattress offers multiple firmness options and is perfect for lightweight to average-weight sleepers as well as heavier individuals. Additionally, its cooling layer helps draw away body heat to keep you feeling cooler throughout your sleep. Furthermore, this mattress boasts excellent motion isolation features that prevent you from feeling your partner tossing and turning at night.


When selecting a mattress, there are often options that allow you to select both thickness and firmness levels to suit your preferences. This makes for an ideal solution if you require specific sleeping comfort or are uncertain which style of mattress they need. Some brands even provide modular mattresses which make custom fits simple; ideal if returning full-sized mattresses is too much hassle.

Helix Mattress

The Helix mattress is an excellent option for couples with differing sleeping preferences, offering customized support through its sleep quiz on its website. By answering a series of questions regarding your sleeping style and posture, it provides personalized firmness recommendations suited specifically to you and offers many customization features so that you can select materials used to craft comfort layers as well as covers to meet individual preferences.

Memory foam mattresses are popular with custom mattress buyers as they’re durable, affordable and breathable – three key characteristics for comfortable restful sleeping. Unfortunately for warm sleepers or those experiencing back pain while sleeping on their sides, memory foam can become hot to the touch or be painful when shifting sides during sleep. In such instances, hybrid or natural latex mattresses may provide better long-term comfort; hybrid latex is more responsive and bounces back after movement occurs on it and will more than make up the difference when moving on it – although more expensive overall.

If you tend to sleep cold, look for a memory foam mattress with more breathable cooling features such as Leesa. The top comfort layer uses a blend of soft foam that feels cloud-like; the bottom recovery layer has denser foam so your butt won’t sink in; and finally, the middle support layer helps maintain spinal alignment.

Owl by Nest offers another mattress with high levels of customization: several layers of breathable Dunlop latex that allow users to select density and firmness settings per layer. Furthermore, its cooling cover comes in two varieties – organic cotton (free!) or luxury cooling (which costs an extra $100 but provides a cool-to-the-touch sensation). King and California king sizes even feature split layers so both you and your partner can customize each side according to individual sleep needs.

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