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baby sleep consultant in nyc

Mylee Zschech is a certified Family Sleep Institute child sleep consultant. Additionally, she offers personalized consultation sessions and coaching. Mylee will analyze your child’s sleeping history and create a tailored sleeping plan, including offering packages with half hour phone/video sleep strategy sessions.

She provides gentle sleep coaching to assist babies and toddlers to fall asleep peacefully. With expertise in developmental psychology and proven behavioral techniques, she uses proven behavioral techniques.

Mylee Zschech

Mylee Zschech is an experienced sleep consultant who helps parents address their children’s sleep issues through effective behavioral methods. Her clients have been impressed with her professionalism and ability to quickly implement changes. Her services can be found both online and in person.

Mylee specializes in working with young children and strongly believes in the importance of sleep for all. Her expertise spans social work, parenting and infant/toddler development. Mylee holds both a Bachelor of Social Work degree as well as a Certificate in Grief and Palliative Care Counselling; additionally she is both Family Sleep Institute Certified Child Sleep Consultant as well as The Early Years Child Behavior Specialist.

Not only is she a sleep coach, she also serves as a breastfeeding counselor and lactation educator. Additionally, she serves as an adjunct professor at a nearby college and offers private sessions through Maven Clinic’s telehealth service. Her passion lies in advocating the value of quality sleep – something which she has worked on with numerous new families in her field of expertise.

Sleep deprived infants and toddlers can develop emotional difficulties later in life, have trouble learning new information, and may lack focus and attention in school and other aspects of their life. Sleep experts specialize in teaching babies and toddlers how to sleep better; these specialists provide a detailed sleep plan as well as support during training processes.

Mothers often look forward to bedtime as an opportunity for their children to open up about their day, yet sleep and behavior expert believes this time can also be used as an ideal opportunity. She notes that many kids tend to open up more easily around this time as they feel close and safe with their parents, providing an opportunity for parents to help their children understand their emotions while creating strong bonds between parent and child.

Seven Oaks Sleep Science

Seven Oaks Sleep Science offers sleep coaching, tailored solutions and consultation services in New York City. Their professional-grade snooze products can assist in baby and toddler sleep training programs as well as offer professional grade products. Seven Oaks is part of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine with accreditation from National Commission Certifying Agencies; established in 2000 based in NYC they publish academic books and journals covering fields including astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth/environmental science medical sciences trade as well as general sciences.

The Happy Sleeper

Sleep is crucial to the growth and development of children. Ensuring sufficient rest can also help them cope with stress and anxiety more easily. A baby sleep consultant can teach parents proper sleeping techniques for helping their child reach a healthy sleeping schedule using proven behavioral approaches; additionally they’ll equip you with enough knowledge so you can monitor your child’s routine and address any red flags which arise.

The Happy Sleeper, located in New York and Los Angeles, specializes in sleep shaping and coaching services for babies, toddlers, and school-age kids. Their consultants take an individualized approach when working with parents on developing customized plans for their infants, toddlers, or school-age kids’ sleep needs – meeting with you either in-person, by phone, or over Skype to meet all their desired sleep goals.

The Happy Sleeper provides packages tailored to newborns, infants and toddlers of all ages. Their services can customize a sleep program specifically to your needs while offering unlimited text and email support throughout training. Their founder, Christina Gantcher is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach with a Bachelor’s in Developmental Psychology who has worked with many families to get their children sleeping soundly at night – her clients describe her as knowledgeable yet compassionate as well as accommodating in approach and doesn’t force rigid sleep training techniques onto them.

Kylee Reese

Sleep issues in newborns and toddlers can have devastating effects on both mental and physical development, so hiring a baby sleep consultant to teach your child healthy sleeping habits and help them flourish into happy and well-adjusted children is invaluable. They offer positive solutions tailored specifically for your parenting style and environment and support that ensures any sleep issues don’t persist for too long.

Kylee Reese is a licensed clinical Psychologist who has been helping children and adults alike with behavioral sleep issues for more than a decade. Utilizing scientifically validated research, she creates personalized sleep plans tailored specifically to her clients’ individual needs. Kylee’s dedication is helping families attain healthy restful slumber while simultaneously informing parents about its importance.

She is a mother to two young children and has an uncanny talent for nurturing clients. Her approach to sleep coaching is thoughtful and sensitive, helping many New York City families recover after dealing with their infant’s insomnia. She holds both a bachelor’s and master’s in counseling degrees.

Ella is an experienced postpartum doula and Newborn Care Specialist, as well as passionate advocate of careful sleep coaching. Her personalized approach allows her to build trust with her clients while crafting tailored sleep plans tailored specifically to each family’s needs. Ella offers both Sleep Shaping and Coaching Services for infants and toddlers as well as comprehensive Newborn Care Packages.

Mylee Zschech is a certified child sleep and behavior specialist from the Family Sleep Institute and available exclusively for home visits in Manhattan. Her 1.5-hour consultation session provides personalized plans tailored specifically to each child as well as support via email, text messaging and telephone for two weeks following implementation of sleep plans.

Carolina Barnett

Carolina Barnett is a certified sleep consultant with a Ph.D in Genetics from the University of New England in Australia, who offers personalized solutions for infants, toddlers, and children of all ages. Clients describe her as professional and knowledgeable; her methods are grounded in published sleep research. Carolina also provides phone support or video chat assistance through Seven Oaks Sleep Science packages like Daytime House-Call Package or Nighttime House-Call Package which include an initial in-home consultation lasting two hours as well as four follow-up phone calls thereafter.

The Baby Sleep Consultants are a team of professionals dedicated to improving family sleep. Utilizing proven behavioral techniques that teach babies how to fall asleep independently, as well as arming parents with knowledge to detect any red flags that arise themselves, the consultants use tried and true behavioral methods that teach babies how to fall asleep on their own and empower parents with enough expertise for effective tracking of any red flags that arise during the night.

Mylee Zschech is a Family Sleep Institute and The Early Years Certified Child Sleep Consultant who assists families from around the globe. Her extensive expertise lies in child behavior and sleep issues; specifically with babies over six months. Mylee provides one-on-one support packages which include an initial 1.5 hour consultation session followed by personalized sleep plan development as well as two weeks of email, text and phone support services for each family she assists.

If you want a good night’s rest, consider hiring a baby sleep consultant in NYC. They will create an effective sleeping schedule for your child while offering guidance through its implementation at home. Experienced consultants offer tips for successfully setting one up. The top consultants possess experience with various age groups so as to help establish an efficient sleep schedule for you child.

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