How to Find the Best King Size Mattress

best king size mattress

No matter your bed-sharing arrangements – be they single, married or sharing with children and pets – a king mattress provides enough room to spread out and looks stunning in a spacious bedroom.

In 2023, we conducted extensive tests on several bed-in-a-box brands that use natural materials in their production process and examined each mattress’ sleeping position preferences, temperature regulation capabilities, plushness levels and motion transfer – and our picks.


A good king-size mattress allows couples to sleep comfortably even if one partner prefers sleeping on their stomach, making them ideal for taller adults or those who switch sleeping positions throughout the night. In addition, with 16 inches wider dimensions than queen mattresses, king beds also allow spooning couples to drift off easily during nap time!

Split King mattress options (comprised of two twin XL mattresses pushed together) may provide the ideal solution if you have limited bedroom space but want a luxurious bed experience. Our selections also includes hybrid models with switchable sides–one soft and one firm–that may help accommodate partners with differing preferences.

As you shop for a king-size mattress, take into account what type of material and weight capacity are important factors. Hybrid mattresses tend to work best with heavier people due to their reinforced core; foam may provide lighter sleepers who prefer responsive feel better. You should also think about what comfort features may be necessary, such as minimum motion transfer, cooling features or responsiveness when sleeping with sexual partners.

Tembe Denton-Hurst of our Strategist Testing Department recommends the Nectar as a cost-effective king-size mattress with plenty of support yet an inviting soft feel, thanks to polyethylene fibers that draw heat away from the body, keeping you cool while sleeping without sweating during the night. Plus, its risk-free trial period and 10-year warranty allow you to test out this mattress without worry that it might disappoint!


A good king size mattress depends on your own individual preferences; some sleepers like firmer mattresses while others may prefer something plusher. Hybrid mattresses can reduce motion transfer while providing both soft and firm sensations – some models even feature extra edge support and cooling features to help you sleep cooler during the night if you tend to overheat during sleep.

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress stands out as an exceptional king mattress for deep sleepers, offering three firmness options and featuring Celliant fibers that wick away excess body heat while sleeping. Copper-infused memory foam further dispels excess heat while its flippability allows you to customize its feel according to your preferences.

Tuft & Needle Original Foam Mattress offers another excellent king-size mattress option with its innerspring and foam construction that provides more of a traditional feel than other foam mattresses. It boasts seven inches of dense foam support topped by three inches of proprietary Adaptive Foam which contains graphite as well as cooling gel for ultimate comfort.

This mattress boasts an exceptional customer satisfaction rating and comes with a risk-free trial period of 365 nights, so that you can take a test run without risk. It has a medium firm feel suitable for back and side sleeping while accommodating heavier individuals if necessary. In addition, this one of the cheapest king mattresses we’ve found and comes with a lifetime warranty – perfect!


Comfort is of equal importance in creating a good night’s restful slumber, particularly for couples. They might prefer minimal motion transfer so they can quickly fall back asleep if interrupted, or prefer soft materials to ease any pressure points that cause discomfort. Luckily, today’s top mattress-in-a-box brands provide options suitable for every type of sleeper–from side and back sleepers, stomach sleepers or those suffering neck or shoulder discomfort.

This guide has been written to assist shoppers in selecting the ideal king size mattress for their unique needs, with options in different constructions and firmness levels. Each mattress comes with an extensive sleep trial (some up to one year long) as well as 10-year or lifetime warranties; most also ship “bed in a box”.

One option for couples seeking a king mattress is the Bear Original, featuring medium firmness and scoring a 7/10 in our pressure relief test. Made entirely of organic materials at an accessible price point, its medium firmness makes it suitable for accommodating mid-of-the-road sleepers without specific mattress needs or ailments to treat, including lighter builds like those belonging to tweens and teens.

Purple mattress stands out with scores of 8.5/10 for pressure relief and 8/10 in edge support tests, thanks to its unique construction that features layers with differing densities that conform to your body and movement, providing ideal support for most sleepers. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an innovative cooling feature – an unusual cube the size of a bathroom trash can which pumps hot or cold water directly into its mattress to regulate temperature – that keeps temperatures in check.


A king mattress is the ideal solution for people who require more space than provided by the standard queen mattress, while also being suitable for couples looking to stretch out comfortably without disturbing one another’s rest. For the ideal option with edge support and multiple layers of high density foam that make this Dreamcloud Premier mattress one of the most supportive mattresses for heavy sleepers.

Alternatively, consider selecting a king mattress equipped with cooling technology built right in. One such mattress is Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress; its breathable fabric quickly draws away moisture while offering support to back sleepers as well.

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial mattresses are great choices for allergy sufferers. The Bear Mattress is one such mattress made with natural materials like organic cotton and wool – perfect for people living with sensitivities! Plus it comes with an easy to maintain cover.

Many king mattresses are constructed using quality materials designed to last, and most offer an extended risk-free trial period ranging up to one year. One popular mattress model, Helix Midnight mattress, boasts an average customer review score of 4.5 out of 5, and boasts an innovative hybrid flippable construction with one side for children aged 3-7 and one supporting an innerspring system with high density foam for support on its softer side rated for children 8-12.


Mattresses are an investment, so buyers want to be sure they receive maximum value from their purchase. That is why most high-quality mattresses provide some kind of warranty covering normal lifespan. Some warranties can provide greater peace of mind than others; whatever the case, most offer some assurance that your investment is supported by a company who stands behind its products.

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to inquire about the manufacturer’s warranty policy and understand exactly what coverage exists and if there are any exclusions or limits. Many quality mattresses also feature sleep trial periods to give customers time to try out their new mattress prior to making a final commitment.

Trying multiple mattresses before selecting the ideal king-size mattress may help narrow your choices down to find what best meets your individual needs and preferences. But be wary: doing too many comparisons could cause too much confusion; too many choices could make selecting which is ideal more difficult.

Budget-minded shoppers will find comfort with the Bear Original mattress, offering conforming comfort layers and neutral firmness suitable for most sleeping positions. Crafted using non-toxic materials with excellent customer ratings and offering a risk-free 120-night trial period and lifetime warranty protection – perfect!

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