How to Choose the Best Adjustable Bed Frame

best adjustable bed

Adjustable beds can be invaluable resources for people suffering from medical conditions such as sleep apnea, acid reflux or back pain. Plus, unlike their hospital-style counterparts, these frames often look much less clinical in most homes!

Some even feature pleasing designs without giving off an “hospital” vibe.

1. Ergomotion Adjustable Base

The Ergomotion Adjustable Base provides an array of features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for almost any mattress. First of all, it allows you to raise the head section just enough to reduce snoring while simultaneously lowering it for back pain relief or giving legs massage. Furthermore, there’s a sleep timer for easier fall asleep, an intuitive remote control with built-in flashlight for illumination of head or foot sections, three memory settings as well as massage features which can be customized both in terms of duration and intensity.

Ergomotion motors have been specifically engineered to operate quietly so you can enjoy a relaxing or reading session in comfort without being disturbed by noise, and gravity will return it back to its flat starting position when it’s time to get up.

Ergomotion’s affordable option with numerous helpful features makes it ideal for most customers, while still being affordable and practical. Its compact yet practical design ensures its motors and linkages don’t interfere with storage beneath bed or slats; furthermore it includes three memory positions for easy positioning as well as customizable massage speed/intensity options and timer functions to help facilitate sleep faster.

Ergomotion adjustable beds can support up to 500 pounds, providing adequate support. Their modern remote features 19 buttons for one-click control of head and foot articulation; there’s even underbed lighting, dual USB ports and even a Zero G setting which can increase overall wellness.

Ergomotion’s head and leg articulations can raise to a 45-degree angle when in seated mode, providing relief to overweight or snorers by helping reduce snoring while relieving back and neck pain, acid reflux symptoms, or encouraging better posture.

2. Leggett & Platt MicroHook Adjustable Base

This adjustable base offers incredible value at its price point, featuring a wireless back-lit remote, two custom preset positions (Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore), full-body dual massage with Wave feature, under-bed lighting, Bedroom Scene programming capabilities, MicroHook retention technology and Wallhugger engineering – everything needed for comfortable restful nights of sleep!

Users love how simple and customizable the Bed is to operate, as well as its flexible settings. Users also appreciate being able to program specific functions at certain times of day – for instance having it rise at a specific time to signal it’s time to wake up or having the light turn on automatically in the morning – using simple programming.

Leggett & Platt’s MicroHook retention system prevents your mattress from moving when in an adjustment position, making this adjustable bed an excellent choice for those concerned about safety. Furthermore, its design resembles that of a standard bed instead of its predecessor – its base being less bulky than many similar models available on the market.

One downside of the Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed is its lack of speakers or smart technology, something some buyers may seek. However, you have the ability to connect an external device directly to its base so you can use an app and control it that way instead. Furthermore, this bed includes a battery backup which automatically returns its base back into flat position should there be power outage; making it an ideal option for areas prone to blackouts as well as those needing emergency beds for disabilities.

As well as featuring built-in safety features, the Bed offers both a one-year full product and three-year parts and labor warranty, making this an exceptional value compared to similar brands which only provide one year of parts and labor coverage and charge extra for shipping costs.

Saatva stands out by selling Leggett & Platt products under multiple brand names to keep prices competitive even with more costly models. Their white glove delivery services also allow them to set up beds in rooms of your choosing and explain all their settings on remotes for you.

3. Amerisleep Adjustable Base

This basic adjustable bed frame comes with a 10-year warranty and offers head and foot movement. Additionally, its non-skid fabric and retainer bar prevent your mattress from shifting as you adjust its angles. Easily accommodating queen-sized mattresses, the base comes equipped with an easy-to-use remote that lets you pre-program preferred sleeping positions; alternatively you can upgrade it further by adding wireless massager that offers pulsed, wave or full body coverage – providing enhanced sleeping experiences!

The Amerisleep also comes equipped with an adjustable lumbar support setting, making it especially helpful for people suffering from lower back pain or acid reflux. Furthermore, this bed offers other conveniences, including under-bed lighting and a USB port to charge devices. Plus, its compatibility allows it to fit seamlessly into almost any bedroom furniture set-up and works with various smart voice assistants allowing easy control via smartphone or tablet!

Amerisleep may be more expensive than some of our reviewed models, but it offers all of the essential features we look for in an adjustable bed. Head and foot movements are smooth and stable, and its MicroHook retainer system keeps mattress secure. Plus, its mobile app makes controlling it simple!

Amerisleep mattresses also boast the ability to absorb motion, an essential feature for couples sharing a bed. When either partner moves too frequently in their sleep, it can disturb both of you, preventing restful slumber. The Amerisleep makes this feature less of an issue thanks to a motion tracking sensor which detects movements up to 20 feet away; and provides warning alerts if anyone nears too closely to the edge.

Amerisleep offers a convenient split-king model that supports two twin mattresses side-by-side – perfect for couples with differing sleeping styles or preferences. In addition, it comes equipped with a customizable voice-controlled app compatible with most smart home systems.

4. Saatva Adjustable Base

Saatva, known for their high-quality mattresses and white-glove delivery service, recently introduced an adjustable base. The Saatva Lineal Adjustable Bed Base comes equipped with some standard features expected of an adjustable bed such as remote controlled setting, great balance and a whisper quiet motor; in addition it boasts some innovative options that set it apart.

The Lineal Adjustable Bed Base comes equipped with two motors (one in each section) which enable you to raise or lower the bed in various positions, from TV lounge positions and zero gravity positions that create weightlessness to anti-snore settings that aim to minimize or even prevent snoring. Memory settings or auto modes can automatically return it back to its previous setting each time you get into bed; plus there’s even an inbuilt massage feature which sends vibrations through your mattress for wave-like massage of legs, upper body or full body up and down in wave-like motions!

Other features of the Lineal Adjustable Bed Base include its wall-hugger design that lets you keep your mattress close to the wall without touching or scratching it, underbed lighting, custom programmable presets on its remote control and more. Furthermore, this adjustable base mattress works with any adjustable-base compatible mattress such as Saatva’s Solaire mattresses and comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

Saatva Lineal Adjustable Bed Base may lack a sleep trial/return policy, though Saatva may work with you to arrange one if needed. That said, its quality makes it an excellent option for anyone seeking an adjustable bed that’s both quiet and easy to operate – though you will pay more online for its unique set of features and superior construction than with other beds in this article.

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