Choosing the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

best mattress for side sleepers

Mattresses designed for side sleepers must be soft enough to absorb pressure points as you lie down, yet provide enough support to maintain healthy spinal alignment. Plushness should never come at the expense of support, however.

Consider hybrid mattresses, which combine coil base construction with foam layers. Such hybrid beds typically offer side sleepers the dependable support necessary for comfortable restful sleeping.

Pressure Relief

As a side sleeper, you require a mattress that supports spinal alignment while relieving pressure points in your hips and shoulders. While too-soft mattresses won’t cradle these areas properly, while too-firm ones could elevate hips and shoulders too high, disrupting alignment. A medium to medium-firm mattress would usually work best.

All-foam mattresses provide adequate pressure relief for side sleepers and memory foam can also limit motion transfer. Unfortunately, all-foam beds tend to trap heat; specialty cooling options may help combat this issue. Innerspring and hybrid mattresses offer similar pressure relief – the best models feature responsive coils and layers of supportive foam which adhere closely to body curves for ultimate support.

For example, the Tempur-Pedic LuxeBreeze mattress is an excellent choice for hot sleepers due to its breathable materials and cooling gels that help regulate temperature while supporting spine alignment, relieving pressure from hips and shoulders and relieving any pressure points in between. Furthermore, these types of mattresses can accommodate the needs of both light- and heavy sleepers, providing optimal support.

Hybrid mattresses that combine solid layers of foam and supportive coil bases are another great choice for side sleepers. One such hybrid mattress, Helix Plus, provides extra support to heavier people as its XL-wrapped coils can accommodate most weight ranges and thick foam layers can offer superior cushioning support. Plush softness can range from luxury firmness up to firm support; plush firmness comes standard and there are twin XL sizes. Plush firm and firm mattresses can even come as California king and split king versions available as well.

Other hybrid models that offer excellent pressure relief for side sleepers include the Leesa Sapira Hybrid and Puffy Lux models. Both provide comfortable pillowy cushioning for shoulders and hips while their coils lift your body as you easily shift positions.

If you prefer memory foam without its hugging sensation, check out the innerspring Saatva Classic (Luxury Firm). This mattress combines classic spring bounce with a cushiony Euro top to promote spinal alignment while minimizing pillowing. Plus, its motion isolation properties make it a smart pick for couples with differing comfort preferences.

Spine Alignment

Mattresses that fail to conform to the body and provide sufficient support can lead to spinal misalignment, straining muscles in hips and shoulders, which in turn causes discomfort. A good side sleeping mattress helps facilitate proper alignment to reduce discomfort and keep spine in neutral position; some offer additional lumbar region support which may prove especially helpful for those experiencing back problems.

Mattress construction is also essential to side sleepers. All-foam models tend to be responsive and conforming, helping maintain neutral spine alignment while alleviating pressure from hips and shoulders. In addition, these beds limit motion transfer between partners sharing a bed. Unfortunately, however, certain foams can trap heat during the night which leaves some feeling too warm – some brands address this by including cooling gels or open cell structures that allow airflow while dissipating heat faster.

Innerspring coils are another popular choice in mattress construction, though they tend to feel stiffer and less forgiving than all-foam alternatives. Certain models such as Saatva Classic (Luxury Firm) combine classic spring bounce with a cushy Euro top in order to appeal to those seeking support without an assertive hug from memory foam mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses combine the support of innerspring coils with several layers of comforting memory foam for maximum side sleeping comfort. A great example is the Nest Bedding Robin Flippable Hybrid (Small Twin – Full / Queen / King / California King), offering excellent edge support, heat dissipation and plenty of cushioned comfort for side sleepers.

Side sleepers can enhance their spinal alignment with a quality mattress and the appropriate pillow. A medium-loft pillow is most appropriate, as it helps lift the head and neck, thereby avoiding flat posture that puts pressure on shoulders and necks. Experimentation should be conducted until finding one which feels the most comfortable and provides optimal alignment.


Selecting an ideal mattress for side sleepers can help improve restful nights by alleviating pressure points in their hips, shoulders and necks. A soft mattress that molds to your body’s shape can cradle wider areas for proper spinal alignment; but firm mattresses may press back against these wider spots causing pain or discomfort. A medium firmness mattress often serves side sleepers best as it provides enough support without applying too much strain to their bodies.

When selecting a mattress suited for your sleep position, it’s also essential to take its construction into account. Materials used and the number of innerspring coils play an integral part in how it feels for different individuals – for instance, side sleepers might enjoy sleeping on the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid Mattress as it features layers of soft memory foam as well as strong support provided by its innerspring coils. But Brooklyn Bedding offers other hybrid options with various amounts of softness or firmness depending on individual preference.

Keeping their spine in a neutral position is of utmost importance for side sleepers, as this helps promote health and reduce joint stress. A firm mattress often achieves this, however soft to medium firm feel mattresses tend to provide better support as they allow wider hips and shoulders to settle more freely into them.

Heavier people tend to press deeper into mattresses, altering its feel. Therefore, it’s essential that body weight be considered when choosing a firmness level of a mattress. If in doubt about this factor, sleep on it for several nights until you find out its exact characteristics.

If your mattress is too firm but you enjoy its overall feel, a premium mattress topper could soften its edge and soften its feel. They’re an affordable way to add cushion without breaking the bank on a new mattress; some topper materials include natural latex latex wool and cotton materials which offer cooling, soft comfort and breathability – great choices for side sleepers looking for maximum enjoyment from their bed! Investing in such an investment may bring great dividends!


If you prefer sleeping on your side, it’s essential that your mattress supports your natural “S” curve. In doing so, your spine remains aligned from hips to neck and prevents misalignments which could otherwise lead to shoulder and back pain. A good mattress for side sleepers will also contour to fit around hips and shoulders for additional cushioning here.

If your current mattress lacks contour, a bed topper made of memory foam or latex can give your mattress that boost it needs. A mattress topper also serves as an affordable short-term solution if purchasing an entirely new mattress is outside your budget.

Foam mattresses provide excellent pressure relief by conforming to your unique shape. Memory foam mattresses also breathe better than other options and help keep you cool and comfy throughout the night. If sleeping hot is a concern for you, look for cooling memory foam mattresses using Tencel technology or gels to avoid overheating during sleep.

Hybrid mattresses provide another viable choice, which combines an innerspring coil base with layers of foam or latex on top for exceptional support and comfort. Hybrids have excellent edge support – which is important since many side sleepers tend to sleep near the edges of their beds.

All-foam and hybrid mattresses tend to be the ideal construction choices for side sleepers, though there may be other considerations worth keeping in mind depending on your requirements. If you are heavier, Helix Plus features XL wrapped coils and DuraDense foam for enhanced durability – and makes an excellent mattress option overall!

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