Choosing the Best Mattress for Pregnant Women

best mattress for pregnant women

Sleep can be difficult during pregnancy due to changes in hormones, nausea, back pain and frequent bathroom trips that interfere with quality restful restful slumber.

Expectant women require mattresses that provide spinal support as well as mattresses that contour to and relieve pressure points. Memory foam is great at doing this, yet can retain heat. Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora Hybrid mattress comes equipped with a breathable transition layer and TitanCool technology for more efficient overheating control.


Pregnancy can be a wonderful time of joy and excitement, yet its physical changes can disrupt sleep. Women may experience backache or swelling that makes restful rest difficult to come by; selecting a mattress without enough support compounds the problem further; this requires taking into account several key considerations when searching for an ideal pregnancy mattress.

Firmness is an essential consideration, since a too-soft mattress won’t offer adequate spinal alignment. The ideal pregnancy mattresses provide enough lumbar support to prevent an uncomfortable skewed posture while providing just enough softness to cradle sensitive areas like hips and shoulders. A medium-firm mattress would be optimal; however, due to individual sleeping preferences it would be wiser to consult a healthcare professional on finding your optimal firmness level.

Edge support should also be considered when looking for the ideal pregnancy mattress. A good pregnancy mattress will feature well-defined edges with limited sinkage. This feature can help pregnant women who prefer sitting up in bed avoid straining their back or knees during sitting up, as it limits pressure applied when sitting up on it. In addition, having great edge support makes getting in and out easier by limiting how much pressure is applied when sitting up.

Hybrid mattresses provide expecting mothers with the best of both foam and spring mattresses, offering pressure relief without losing support from foam layers. Their hybrid construction also helps minimize motion transfer which may become an issue when sharing bed with another expecting mother.

Memory foam mattresses are another top pick for pregnant women, providing ideal body contouring and pressure relief. However, memory foam has the tendency to trap heat. To combat this heat build-up effectively it may be beneficial to select one with cooling features such as gel memory foam or Tencel covers.

Pregnant women seeking relief should also consider investing in an innerspring mattress. Although it can benefit all types of sleepers, back and stomach sleepers who experience significant discomfort will find particular comfort from sleeping on one. Their buoyant support can help align spine while the springs cradle hips and shoulders to relieve tension soreness in these areas.

Temperature Regulation

Pregnancy hormones can cause hot flashes and night sweats, so having a cooling mattress is essential to staying comfortable during gestation. We carry mattresses made with natural filling such as cotton, wool or cashmere that offer maximum breathability for pregnant sleepers at Nolah; additionally they boast all-natural latex comfort layers or viscoelastic chemical-free polyfoam comfort layers with targeted support zones that keep your spine aligned – as well as targeted support zones designed specifically to alleviate preterm labour symptoms during gestation.

Memory foam mattresses are an excellent choice for pregnant sleepers as it molds to your body while relieving pressure points and providing support. Unfortunately, memory foam can trap heat which may lead to overheating and interrupt your restful slumber; thus we recommend hybrid or innerspring mattresses featuring memory foam for increased breathability and overall better comfort during your sleep.

Copper or graphite infusions in traditional memory foam mattresses may help alleviate heat build-up. By pulling heat away from the sleeping surface and increasing air flow, cooling mattresses with copper or graphite additions may be used to help relieve itching sensations during production, thus improving air flow and helping pregnant sleepers prevent night sweats while encouraging restful slumber throughout their REM cycle. A breathable mattress is essential to pregnant sleepers’ success as it helps avoid night sweats while encouraging restful restful REM cycles throughout each night REM cycle.

An innerspring mattress offers the optimal pregnancy experience with its individually wrapped coils for increased responsiveness and durability, thinner comfort layers than hybrid beds but more support – not to mention strong edge support which expectant mothers must have in place!

Consider purchasing a hybrid or latex mattress with pocket springs for even greater individual support. These mattresses can be firm or soft according to your preference and provide minimal motion transfer so you won’t feel your partner tossing and turning at night.

Though many pregnant women opt for stomach sleeping positions later in their pregnancies, it’s essential that they switch up their positions – either back or side – when possible to ensure both you and your unborn baby remain healthy during sleep. For best results when selecting a firm mattress to ensure optimal spinal support and back pain relief. A medium-firm mattress will do just fine.

Edge Support

Pregnancy can be a trying time for women, making a comfortable mattress an absolute necessity in ensuring quality restful sleep. A good mattress will ease pain from aching hips and back while supporting better posture for improved health, helping avoid backache caused by sagging and pressure points in your lower spine. Unfortunately however, pregnancy presents its own set of challenges such as exhaustion, frequent urination, nausea, or pelvic area muscle pain; choosing the best pregnancy mattress will enable you to overcome them while improving quality sleep quality during gestation.

Medium-firm mattresses provide support and comfort during gestation. You should speak to your physician regarding what firmness level will best meet your needs; firmer mattresses tend to promote better spinal alignment for side sleepers as well as being less likely to shift as weight changes occur during gestation.

If your current mattress doesn’t provide adequate support for pregnancy, a mattress topper may provide the solution. Constructed from foam, latex or wool padding material for additional cushioning purposes. There are various firmness levels to choose from so they can easily adapt as your needs evolve throughout your gestation period.

Memory foam mattresses can be an excellent solution for pregnant women. A memory foam mattress conforms to your body and eases pressure points, helping with pregnancy pain relief. Plus, its motion transfer properties help ensure minimal disturbance during sleep for partners! They’re also great options for alleviating tension in spine and hip areas that could otherwise irritate while sleeping on it!

Motion Isolation

Pregnancy is an immense journey that can profoundly alter sleep quality in various ways. Some women find it harder to fall asleep while others struggle with body pain, nausea and general discomfort. A mattress with the appropriate firmness level can help mitigate such issues and ensure greater comfort throughout.

The ideal mattresses for pregnant women should be medium-firm mattresses that provide support while relieving pressure points. Beds designed specifically to alleviate hip and knee pressure while providing enhanced support are key, with memory foam being an ideal choice since its soft nature allows it to conform and support, without sinking too deeply into bed. Cooling layers or gel memory foam are also useful as they dissipate heat to keep sleepers cool during their nightly restful restful restful slumber.

Latex mattresses provide a luxurious cushioned surface and airflow through its open structure that keeps cool air coming in while pushing out warm air, creating the ideal environment for sleeping comfortably. All natural and hypoallergenic, latex is also hypoallergenic and highly breathable allowing airflow through and pulling cooler air in, pushing hot air out.

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses provide an optimal combination of comfort and support, making them great choices for pregnant women who tend to sleep hot or have back pain. To further customize your experience, select a hybrid with an all-natural latex layer and viscoelastic chemical-free polyfoam core for added cushion.

If you share the bed with someone, finding a mattress with excellent motion isolation is of vital importance. This feature helps limit movement from traveling from one side of the bed to the other and facilitate sound sleep for both people. Coil and innerspring construction along with higher firmness ratings often yield the best results when selecting minimal motion transfer mattresses that keep both partners comfortable while sleeping through the night without disturbing each other’s rest.

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