5 Reasons You Should Consider an Online Mattress Brand

5 Reasons You Should Consider an Online Mattress Brand
5 Reasons You Should Consider an Online Mattress Brand

5 Reasons You Should Consider an Online Mattress Brand

Online mattress shopping can be less stressful than visiting stores with pushy salespeople and can enable you to shop at your own pace and compare prices from multiple websites.

Here are five compelling arguments in favor of shopping for mattress online: 1. Cheaper.

1. Cheaper

If you’re on the search for an affordable mattress, online is your go-to source. Many bed-in-a-box brands provide mattresses at a fraction of what would cost in stores and typically deliver them rolled tight and vacuum sealed for easy transportation to your door.

Cheap mattresses don’t necessarily translate to poor quality; some online mattress brands provide mattresses made of high-end materials at more reasonable price points – like Tuft & Needle Original’s seven-inch support layer of foam and three-inch top layer of adaptive adaptive foam infused with cooling gel to keep sleepers cool during their nights of restful rest.

Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress: Another Affordable Option The Bear Elite Hybrid mattress offers copper-infused memory foam and edge-to-edge individually encased coils for durability and pressure relief, plus is CertiPUR-US2 certified, making it free from VOCs found in foam mattresses that deplete ozone layers, though beware that cheaper mattresses may tend to sag over time and cause sinking sensations, rendering your sleep uncomfortably restful. However, over time such cheap mattresses tend to sag over time leading to sinking sensations that lead to sinking feelings, creating discomfort as you drift off into sleep obliviness during restful REM cycles.

2. More Choices

The top online mattress brands provide an array of choices for a firm or soft sleep surface, as well as technologies designed to keep you cool and comfortable, or fight odors or microbes.

Nest Bedding was among the pioneers of mattress-in-a-box businesses and still maintains showrooms where you can test mattresses before making a decision to buy them. You can also order their nine different mattresses online – such as their soft and springy Solaire mattress, supportive Nest Bedding Luxe Hybrid model and hypoallergenic latex Zenhaven option.

Tuft and Needle offers another mattress-in-a-box brand that puts customer feedback first when creating its products. Their mattresses can be found at Crate & Barrel, Jordan’s Furniture and other retailers as well as on their website.

Zinus began by manufacturing tents but has since expanded into indoor products such as mattresses. Their Airweave mattress, reviewed by The Strategist, can be purchased at Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart Target and their own website – with three boxes containing air-fiber modules and pillow toppers being shipped together in each box, including two covers to hold everything in place.

3. No Pushy Salespeople

When buying mattresses online, there’s no pressure from salespeople to purchase the bed of your dreams. Many showroom employees work on commission-based models with strict quotas to meet, which may put you at an unfair advantage in finding your ideal mattress.

Additionally, spending two or three minutes lying on a mattress in a retail store won’t provide an accurate representation of its comfort levels; mattresses need at least 30 nights to fully break in and let you determine whether they work for your sleeping needs.

Most online exclusive mattresses provide free sleep trials and shipping/returns perks to help make the purchase less risky if it doesn’t meet your expectations. These features make online mattress purchases much simpler!

Online mattress brands are increasingly competitive, so they offer attractive incentives like longer trials and comprehensive warranties to gain your business. Savvy shoppers always compare prices and quality between retailers before making a major decision – this can easily be accomplished by clicking from site to site!

4. Better Customer Service

As opposed to physical store retailers, online mattress brands tend to have lower overhead expenses and thus can offer more cost-effective prices. Reputable mattress companies will even allow you to compare features side-by-side so that you can select one that meets all of your needs best.

Purchase of memory foam mattresses online offers another advantage – being able to shop at your own pace. Unlike in-store shopping, websites remain open all hours so you can browse, compare, and order a mattress anytime of day or night – something which may prove especially convenient during this Covid-19 period, where many stores are sanitizing showrooms while maintaining social distancing measures.

Shopping in-store does have its advantages, including being able to see the build quality and aesthetics up close, and dealing with knowledgeable salespeople who don’t pressure sales. But today, with advances in mattress technology, online shoppers have more benefits such as longer trial periods, lower prices, great warranties and easier return policies compared to their in-store counterparts.

5. Easy Returns

Many online mattress companies provide a trial period that gives you several nights to try the mattress. If it doesn’t meet your needs, just return it within that period for a full refund. Some even sell mattress toppers so that you can customize the firmness level as you please.

Online mattress brands tend to avoid the high overhead costs associated with traditional retail showrooms, providing savings that can be passed onto consumers. Plus, shoppers don’t have to deal with pushy salespeople; that is just another perk of purchasing online!

If shipping fees or the hassle of returning an unwanted mattress are of concern, keep in mind that most “mattress in a box” brands provide their mattresses in compressed and vacuum sealed forms, which makes them easier to move through tight spaces and set up on beds. Plus, many offer free delivery making the process even simpler*

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